Day 235: 08.27.17

“Old Friends”

Hanging out with old friends will never get old.

Thanks for the fun time, guys! Despite my fuck of a cold still bothering me the whole time, it was great to hang out of course with my Junko Gals, meeting the family of my “anak” Nel, and crack time with Kenneth. Met new people too and an odd Jollibee mascot.



Day 220: 08.12.17

Based on a podcast about embracing chaos, a sudden encounter with it can sprout creativity and boost mental power. While listening to the podcast, I couldn’t help but agree with it especially thinking about my experience with my FOURS class last school year.

My previous class was branded as chaotic by many who had the exprience of staying with us for more than several minutes, especially my boss who seemed to have been traumatized especially when one of my kids made her chase him. AHAHAHAHA! We labeled our class as Jurassic Park because really, there’s no better way of describing it. However, despite the stress, many banters, and problems that happened inside our classroom, there were plenty of learning, laughter, and fun that came with it. It is from this batch of wild kids that I understood the worth of my job as a teacher. That as a teacher, genuine love and desire of growth for your students have to be present in your heart so you can both achieve that goal. That in those little moments of chaos, my problem-solving and analytical skills were sharpened, and I think I became very creative when it came to activities. Planning a single activity required the understanding of all 15 children and the many factors that came to play as a group and them as individuals.

I think my partner and I embraced the chaos very well, so even though this batch was hella tiring to manage, I’d chose to be with them again and again in different lifetimes.

Haaaay. I miss those kids.


Day 203: 07.26.17

It’s crunch time at work because next week is the start of the new school year. We’re lacking time for classroom preparation plus we feel like being in a limbo again because of our boss’ decisions.

Seriously, stop imposing your childish whims to us!


Anyway, some good points today:


My netbook, Taemin, had been working as long as me! I got him when I began working back in 2009. It’ has been 8 years! WOW! After a few replacements of battery, charger, and screen, he’s showing signs of deterioration, but he’s damn fighting! I’ll make good use of you my dear, until the end. Thank you for still fighting with me. ❤


Ever since I began wearing lipstick, I rarely used lip balms and glosses. I use balms when my lips get really dry, but this one is dual purpose since I get the lipstick shade that I like–natural lang–then I can feel the menthol element which tells me the balm is working well. The greatest thing about it? It’s so affordable!

Day 131: 05.12.17





Congratulations to me and teacher Camille!
Woot woot! My first event as a coordinator, check!

I’m fine organizing events, but the biggest pressure came from the fact that this was my first school event. The tasks were challenging, but doable, but it’s so rigorous and numerous that it was overwhelming physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Nonetheless, that’s a wrap!

Now can I do more leisurely activities? *ehermwritingeherm*

One of our guests was really cute. He plays the bass clarinet, is eloquent, good with kids, likes to trek and is single.

My heart tells me to add and chat with him on Facebook, but my personality stops me. I’m just really not the type to do that. HAAAAY.

And this is the reason why I’m going to remain single for life. *criesinacorner*

Day 102: 04.12.17


So my introverted self kicked in when I started feeling anxious about the plans of this group I’m suddenly included in.

I mean, of course I agreed to be part of it, but I guess the plans made after became quite overwhelming for me. There are plans of promoting like having teasers, banners, icons, posts about our works that it got to the point that it become quite uncomfortable with me. I guess it’s because I joined the group with very little expectation of what would happened. I thought we’ll just exchange idea, make something out of it, post it then done.

And when it comes to my writing, I’m very low key. Partly because I don’t want to disappoint myself if people don’t respond to it positively, and because like I have different gadgets for different usage, my personal social media accounts are detached of my writing accounts. So if I write in LiveJournal, I post in communities in LiveJournal. If If my target audience is in Wattpad, I post in Wattpad. So I don’t include links of my writing spaces on my Facebook, Instagram, or personal Twitter. For Twitter at least, I made a separate account for MayWard, so I can promote there.

Anyhow, I think the anxiety also came from me not being able to jump into the conversation in our group chat as easily as others. I’m more of an email/forum type of member, so group chats, especially one with a lot of members at the same time, is very fast for me. I’ve never been into chats actually. And when I cannot grip the situation, I get frustrated with it.

It’s also a bit annoying that the plans for our group (which is getting more in numbers) can easily be buried in a pile of nonsensical, albeit more fun, things in the chat. Anyway, I found a way to solve this problem, so I feel a bit better.

Oh well. We did try a move on Twitter today regarding teasing our readers, “the fans” (juskolord meron ba), and the response was quite massive. So yey for pressure! Pota.

Nonetheless, it’s been a long while since I interacted with fellow fans of a fandom whom I don’t know personally, so ang lakas maka-bata. That’s a good thing, Tita Micchie!


Day 101: 04.11.17

Indeed, you learn if you allow yourself to learn.

Today, I gained two new skills: diving and swimming up to the lower part of the pool and gliding forward in water.

I’m really not into swimming, so I never bothered with learning how to swim. One, I don’t like my skin getting darker; two, I find wet clothes and managing them after a chore; three, I don’t like the tired feeling after swimming. These are my reasons, of course, so I have always wondered why some people was so fond of it. Most of what I would do when I am in a pool is just to float or sit around. If I have a floater with me, I use the pool as my bed.

My co-teachers now are obviously fond of the water, so they really were down to wanting a tan, being in bikinis, and doing swimming tricks. Since I had my share of traumatic experiences in waters, I was reluctant to do the tricks they were encouraging me to do.

However, when I did try, for example swimming between the legs of friend underwater, I was somehow able to do it! It took me several times just staying and moving underwater, but I was able to improve myself from the first fail because I willed myself to improve. If I allowed myself to just laze around in water and not try again and seek guidance from my friends, then I wouldn’t feel this good about myself now.

Now, I think I have a new perspective about swimming. I’m excited to have a go again. 🙂