Day 305: 11.07.2017

Sometimes, our book dump room in school labeled “library” actually contains some gems. So really, like a book, never judge a library by it’s lack of titles relevant for class discussions.

I was suppose to discuss this book with my tutee, but without a background in Philippine mythology and creatures like aswangs and kapre, the underlying message of the book would be lost, and my seven-year-old might be more frightened than enlightened.

Anyhow, I was surprised by the story of the book, especially since this is supposed to be a children’s story. It is, since the story is about a child and the protagonist is one, but the message is serious, timely, and universal.

The story is about Ningning, a girl who is in “trouble” of discontinuing school because her parents are rumored as aswang and kapre. She is interviewed by three teachers and with all their questions, she answers with politeness, pride, and reason of her family’s uniqueness. The story wraps with the teachers’ being enlightened of Ningning’s background, situation, and how she is not so different with them after all. She is just being true to herself, and she chose not to hide it from others. She is not ashamed to be what society deems “weird” because she is just being herself.

Beautiful literature from the Philippines about the Philippines. ♥


Day 304: 11.06.2017

One of the things I really love about my 2017 planner are the random page exercises like this:

I-recap ang mga nagdaang buwan at ikwento ang sitwasyon ng puso mo ngayon. Ikwento ron ang mga naging accomplishments mo sa lovelife mo so far at plans mo for next year.

So to answer that…Uhmmmm.

Ano nga ba ang sitwasyon ng puso ko ngayon? Kung love life ang pag-uusapan? Siguro, medyo kabado pero kalmado. AHAHAHAHAHHA! I mean, ever since may nag-reto sakin ng ide-date, napaisip ako hindi sa pagkakaroon ng boyfriend, kundi kung bakit ako tumatanggi. Date lang naman yun, hindi naman magiging kami agad-agad. Napagtanto ko na siguro, kaya ako tumatanggi, kasi may takot ako na hindi ako magustuhan ng makaka-date ko. Yung ma-clarify finally sa sarili ko na kaya NBSB pa ako, at wala talagang nanliligaw sakin kasi hindi ako kagusto-gusto bilang babae. Na sadyang wala talaga siguro sa lifetime na to yung lalakeng makakaride sa ka-weirdohan at mga topak ko. Tsaka, hindi ko alam kung dapat ko ang itago yung totoong ako kapag nakipag-date. Kelangan ba pabebe? AHAHAHA YAAAK. Pero kung hindi nga, may magkakamali ba?

So zero yung accomplishments, besh. Pero plans for next year ay to try dating. Experience ko lang! Wala naman mawawala kung susubukan diba? Kung di talaga para sa akin, eh hindi ko na ipe-pressure sarili ko. Wala pa naman sakin yung sagot kasi di ko pa nasusubukan, puros takot pala, kaya puros tanong lang din sa kung anong pwedeng mangyari. Tuldukan na ang mga katanungan!

Pero kung tatanungin ako kung ready na ba ang puso ko magka-jowa? Hmmm. Interested, oo, pero siguro sa tagal kasi na single ako, feeling ko ang laki-laki ng magshi-shift sa buhay ko na maloloka ako sa shift na yun. Sanay ako na single, independent, at walang iniintindi at inaalagan kundi sarili at nanay ko, tapos biglang may jowa, hala. AHAHAHA.

So, yun po ang sagot ko.
I, thank you. *bow*

(Wow, Taglish to ha!)

Day 303: 11.05.2017

Recently, there was an issue about an Inside Showbiz (Celebrity news-related magazine/website) article about Vice Ganda’s cosmetic (which MM was one of the campaign ambassadors) which the fans flared up about. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original write up, but it’s basically Vice Ganda emphasizing why her hashtag #GandaForAll fits her campaign image of her lipstick shades fitting all types of beauty, whether it’s a dark-skinned girl or a fair-skinned girl, or somewhere in-between. Kisses and Maymay were chosen as image ambassadors of the brand, and Vice compared the differences in beauty type of the girls which are contrasting indeed: maputi-maitim, matangos ang ilong-pango and other comparisons of features.



I’m sorry, but I’m not one of those people who spoke about it, because honestly, I didn’t see any offense to it. The fans were mad because they felt that Maymay was being belittled being called dark and pango (small-nose/flat-nosed) beside Kisses who was the standard beautiful of fair-skinned and tall nose in the Philippines (in particular).

I have some issue with getting offended being called maitim because I don’t think that word should be given a value equivalent to an insult. It’s an adjective to describe what is visually apparent, so what is there to be offended about? If Maymay is called maitim does that make her ugly? NO. If she is pango and someone pointed it out to describe her feature, without using it to demean her being a person, does that automatically mean they are insulting her? NO! The intention was taken out of context, being triggered (I understand, but still), that it blows out of proportion, and bad vibes spread.

On the other hand, to be precise, Maymay is not exactly dark, she’s more of morena or brown-skinned (for lack of a better description) which is typically and traditionally Filipino. Nonetheless, I know many dark-skinned girls, and one of my newer co-teachers is probably one of the darkest I’ve been friends with, but she is gorgeous, nonetheless. Moreover, I know that being called pango is historically and culturally an insult in society just because we’ve been so into the Western standard of beauty, right? Filipinos are Asian. We descended from the Malays and Aitas, our race carries this genetic physical form, it is not a deformity, so quit thinking that it’s a freagin insult. It’s not! It shouldn’t be anymore. It’s 2017 for fucks sake. Look, I’ve been called pango so many times by my own family member just because they’ve been gifted with better noses. My mom even told me that if I have money, I should get a nose job. Whether that was in jest or a concern clothed in insult, I would never get a nose job. Why? Especially if I’ll look better with one? Well, that’s not my nose. My nose functions find without that tall bridge to show the world. I was born with this nose. If being called pango is the only way people can describe my nose, then so be it! It’s a word, it’s a description.

So seriously, pointing IS out as insulting for that description which Vice Ganda actually stated originally (why not flame him instead, huh?)is a testament of how many people, including members of this fandom, still has standard for beauty. It’s ironic because Maymay is already a walking testament of morena/dark beauty which should be a standard of beauty too (if there should be standards in the first place) and we idolize her, but a single polarization of what she is not, gets everybody’s butt in flames.


Day 302: 11.04.2017


Every time dad is back in the country for a vacation, we have family outings like these. Throwback and rekindling broken family traditions, I guess.

Anyway, it was fun bonding with nephews, family, and cousins in the pool and ball games. Damn tiring, but fun!

Oh, and here’s a GIF of an awesome, weirdo pool dive. Please watch out, she chases whoever watches it. >D

Day 300: 11.02.2017

You know what, I’m kind of paranoid that I didn’t get the count of the days right with this project.

Is November 2 really the 300th day of the year? EGAD PLEASE SAY YES BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO EDIT SRZLY.

Anyhow, basically have been working on an angst fic for a whole day, but I’m stuck with which POV to use and how to end it. Nonetheless, happy that I got to write today!

Oh, and errands are done! I feel so accomplished and responsible as an adult once all bills are paid for the month. WEEE~~~

Day 299: 11.01.2017

It’s really an insult to a holiday when you spend an entire afternoon working, but what is an insult to pressure if one does not accomplish said work for next week’s class?

Well, at least it was a productive afternoon, yes? All I need to do now is prepare some of the materials. I still need to work on the Newsletter draft, accomplish some things for the Christmas event, do some revisions and—oh, so am I really on a holiday? Damn it.

Day 298: 10.31.2017

So at 7 AM, I braved fighting the sleepiness of a holiday morning to meet my co-teachers for shopping.


I don’t even like shopping just for the heck of it, but I think I was just really curious about this shopping spot in Taytay which apparently sells really cheap clothes. Inside, there are probably a hundred of tiyangge stalls. Most of them sell the same type of clothes and the prices do not vary as much. Nonetheless, there are differences, so I suppose to get the most out of your money, better go around and ask around–a lot.

The place is actually massive because the shopping place is not only one area, but the entirety of the shopping place is several tents and areas, so it’s probably better to call it a shopping district. It only reminds me of Chatuchak Market in Thailand and those shopping districts in Taiwan’s night markets and in Ximending, although more compact.

So what did I buy?

Under clothes: cycling shorts (30 pesos), undershirt (50 pesos), and leggings (60) for 140 pesos. The leggings is cheaper than the one in Guadalupe, but I can buy one from an ukay-ukay for 50. Haha! Anyhow, I might come back. Or not. I mean, yeah it’s cheap, but the fashion is not really my taste, and I think I can spot a bargain of the same or similar price somewhere nearer like in Guadalupe or Market Market or an ukay-ukay.

Nonetheless, I did enjoy the company and food, so still a yay than a nay!

Day 297: 10.30.2017

Went back to school today to fix some things in the classroom and give a recommendation form to one of my parents. What a troublesome thing that was.

Anyhow, at least now, I don’t have to swing by the classroom on Friday or Saturday just to arrange the classroom. It’s more of less Term 3 ready. What we need now are the materials for next week! Grid, in process.

After that, I just relaxed at home. Caught up with Big Bang Theory episodes of Season 11.

It’s just so amusing that after 11 seasons, I still find this show really funny. I know a lot of viewers already dropped it because a lot has changed, specifically Sheldon and his relationship with Amy, but I think that’s inevitable, right? The story is fiction, but it is realistic, so it’s only right that there’s a shift in everyone’s lives. Yes, we laughed at their nerdiness and geekiness over comic books and science we probably don’t understand why they are so funny in first place, but they will get married, have babies, and change jobs, too.

Another thing I find amusing is how the show definitely kept the viewers on their feet, especially regarding the unravelling of Sheldon and Amy’s milestones as lovers. There were so many fanfics regarding how their first sexual encounter would be, how Sheldon would freak out because of the germs or the intimacy, but in the canon, he just went on with it and happily said he liked it. He doesn’t mid sharing germs with Amy and kisses her naturally like a normal boyfriend. He didn’t make a big hairy deal of change when he was basically thrown out of his apartment for Leonard and Penny to move in with Amy next door. Whenever Sheldon is showing affection to Amy, I can’t but “AWWWWWWWWWWWW” on my spot because fanfic Amy has a lot of angst regarding building intimacy with Sheldon which canon Amy cannot express as much. Haha!

Well, we’ll just be waiting for the wedding now and babies! WEEE~