Day 190: 07.13.17

I finished eeeeeet!!!!

After six sticks of nicotine in three days, and getting myself riled up for that freagin story, I can finally relax.

And to be fair, I hated that work in the beginning because process-wise, it was fucking me up, but I’m satisfied with the ending and with it as a whole. Again, I didn’t expect the turn of writing, but then, that’s how I write.

PHEW~ Tomorrow is the last day of the summer term and we have water play as our culminating activity. So it’s really good to have finished that requirement because I want to focus on work now. 🙂

Day 188: 07.11.17


I have succumbed myself to the stick again, on this cold, rainy day.

It’s an obvious sign of where my stress level is at now.

I hate to admit it, but it really helps when I’m like this already. If not, you wouldn’t be reading this post right now because I won’t even bother to make coherence of my emotions.

Day 187: 07.10.17

I am no where near the completion of my one shot for our MES project, and the universe knows how much I wanna abandon ship already, but I’m going to fight through the currents to deliver.

There’s the conflict of wanting to just make something and deliver, and having making something of quality. If I was fine with my academic papers crawling through dirt to get a passing score because of procrastination, I sure hell am not that way when it comes to writing. Writing fiction, that is.

I have my outline already, but the words just wouldn’t flow. The narration feels strained, and that’s what I’m getting so frustrated about. Of course, it doesn’t matter as much if my plot is good, but that’s the thing! I’m not very good with plots, so my stories are usually really simple, and I highlight more on character and interactions. I suppose, this is how I work. I’m really more process-driven, than result-driven.

No wonder I approve of progressive education so much.

Anyhow, this is the rut I’m in now:

  1. Language – I’m conflicted which to use: English or Filipino? I’m fairly comfortable with both, but let’s just say I’m stricter with narration in English, and I originally want this story in English because the prompt is also in English, and the idea I have is very romantic. Moreover, my stories have certain moods depending on the language: light and funny in Filipino, serious or sarcastic in English. \
  2. POV – In my first draft, I used 3rd person. They switch between characters. Then I revised it to 1st person using objects that the characters have. It was fun to do since it’s been a loooooooong while since I wrote in 1st person, but having the items POV is challenging. By the time I finished the first part, I didn’t want to continue anymore.
  3. Parts – My story will have 8 arcs, spanning of 17 years for the characters. The first part was already 1200 characters long, so I just hope that this work doesn’t end up with more than 9000 characters. I don’t like reading long works because my attention span cannot take it, so if it’s more than that, I think it should be a series already. But of course that’s just me. Some short stories are not very short. My one shots are usually under 2000, and the longest I wrote was almost 6000 which are usually for the projects. This is the reason MES projects exhaust me so much after because one one-shot feels like me writing seven of my usual length in one go.

I have until the 13th to complete my work, including revision. I already passed my teaser even without the one shot. Haha! In desperation, I borrowed a line from a fanfic I wrote years ago.

forever I'm yoursforever - one liner4

It fits anyway. Problem is, I have to stick with that line because that’s what the people know already.


*pulls hair*

Day 184: 07.07.17

Happy Friday!!!

Today is my friend’s wedding day, so it’s dress-up day for me. Like, I’m literally in dresses today.

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

BTW, I love the combination of colors here ❤

I’m not into skirts, but I like dresses like these. I go for the longer ones below the knee. If not, just a bit above the knee. Anything shorter than that is X. I’d wear shorts instead. LOL

Anyway, my wedding pals for today:

Day 183: 07.06.17

When I only meant to buy facial wash from Human Nature ended with an additional lipstick, I cry for my wallet.

Nonetheless, this lippie is the nudest shade I have! Like, it’s almost invisible to my lips! It enhances the look of my lips to a healthy, pinkish one that looks very natural, so it really doesn’t look like I have any lipstick at all. 

I have an everyday lippie now yay!

The catch? It’s only 159 pesos. Haven’t read any reviews about it, but I just hope it doesn’t have any dangerous chemicals that might discolor my lips. I’m not a very wise consumer you see, so I don’t ask about those details before I buy.
And yeah, I’m an impulsive buyer.

Day 182: 07.05.17

It’s car wash day today!

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The kiddos had fun washing a car for our small group activity. Our running theme is water, and one of the topics is the use of water. Previously, we also washed dishes and clothes. These activties are very fun for them now, but wait till that’s a regular need kiddos! Hahahahah

I missed shopping in ukay-ukay (thrift store)! Since my friend’s wedding is in three days, I had to buy a new dress.

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

I was able to snag this vintage-feel dress for 80 pesos! This will be amazing in sepia.

I was also able to buy a slip-on sneakers for 190 pesos. Not that comfortable, but heck, for the price, I’m willing to get used to it!

Day 181: 07.04.17

1000th Jollibee Store

Fangirling over Jollibee so hard today.

That 1000th branch is walking distance from my work place, and I love it even more. We’re almost always ordering from McDo at work because delivery is free of charge and there was never any problems of any sort. However, whatever shit Jollibee throws us, I am a Jollibee baby through and through.
I don’t have a lot of memories of my family complete, but I remember always going to Jollibee Guadalupe after attending Sunday mass. I would always order two pieces of chicken joy, two orders of rice, and upgrade my gravy to large. I would only sip twice fom my regular coke, then bounce off to the small playground section of Jollibee characters you can ride, swaying me back and fort with a spring as base.

According to that 1000 sign that has the 1000 branches of Jollibee from all over the world engraved, that Jollibee branch in Guadalupe was opened in 1989, just one year after I was born.

Ergo, my body basically made of Jollibe products. Yum yum.

Anyhow, this particular branch is also close to heart simply because I’ve been around since the time it was being constructed until it opened today. 

From lokohan na Jollibee yung construction na nakatago, to paglitaw ng signage na “Jollibee” in that familiar font and color, pagtayo nung mukha ni Jollibee na pagkataas-taas at nakaka GV, hanggang sa nakikita na yung mga disenyo sa dingding, tanaw na sa bintana ang loob, at may parking na, at syempre ang pagpatol sa mahabang pila sa lunch time kahit puwede naman ipagpaliban sa ibang araw at kumain ng parehong pagkain sa ibang branch.

Iba eh.

Feeling ko kaibigan ko na si Jollibee at kasama ako sa milestone ng buhay niya kaya tsinaga ko na din. Nagbunyi, napahagikgik at kinilig kasi may bago ng tatambayan lalo na kapag kailangan ng lugar na mapaghihingahan ng sama ng loob.

Comfort food within easy reach from point of stress.

So a big, grand, good luck to my wallet. Jollibee is calling.