Day 244: 09.05.17

Reports writing time!


Day 243: 09.04.17

These days I’m reading the manga Kyou no Kira-kun (Today’s Kira-kun), a shojou manga.

As a fujoshi, I thought I’d never find myself reading shojou manga, but I’m addicted to it as much as I had been addicted to yaoi manga. This title has a live-action movie version which actually led me to the manga because I can’t find the subbed version of it.

The movie was released February, so I can’t believe that there’s no sub for it still.

Oh well.

Gonna enjoy the manga for now. 🙂

Day 242: 09.03.17

I’m not really sure what to make of this day because I feel that my productivity muse came a bit too late.

I planned some activities for work and school, and behold, my week is hellish if I take it seriously. Therefore, my Baby Beez watching will have to be one-two episodes per day only. T__________T

Anyway, here’s to hoping for a good Monday! *fingers crossed*

Day 241: 09.02.17

It’s Masungi Georeserve Day!

We’ve been planning this since May because the place is a bitch for reservation, so we’re actually lucky to get a slot this early in the year. It’s quite pricey, but the whole experience from the time we arrived too early at the entrance of the site to the end of the trail when our energies had been sapped by nature and our knees were shaking, the feeling of finishing a five-hour trail and overcoming a personal challenge, makes the pay worth it.

Maybe even more. 🙂

I haven’t edited the nice pictures since I was too lazy to do anything else productive after, but then here’s a video I enjoyed doing anyway.

I recommend this place!

Day 239: 08.31.17

It’s always sad to say goodbye to someone you have grown to love even for a short while.

Today, we said our final goodbye to Ali, one of the children in my current class. We made him a Friendship book and some posters then presented it in class.

Honestly, he looked confused as to what was happening and as to why he had presents when his birthday finished already, but I’m sure it will click to him eventually.

Almost teared up saying goodbye as he and his mom rolled down the window of the car for the last bye and thank you.

Haaaay. The heart of a teacher.😔

Day 238: 08.30.17


Who doesn’t cringe at the sight of a dead animal? I surely do, but I recover from it pretty fast too.

I usually spot a dead rat on the street, probably run over or got into a fight with a stray cat, but it was my first time seeing a dead cat in the morning. There’s no guts spilling out like how I usually see with dead rats, but the color of blood was so vibrant and contrasting to the white feather that it stayed in memory. Later on, I saw a dead rat too.

Two sights of death within three minutes after I stepped out of our gate, is this a sign? Am I going to die soon? Hopefully I don’t die on the street like that.

Dying is inevitable, so I’ve accepted that I’ll die anytime, but I haven’t really thought of an ideal way to die? I just don’t want it to be a slow one like being burned, drowning, or being buried alive. *shivers*

Anyhow, I hope I don’t die any time soon. There’s still a lot to do before that.

Day 237: 08.29.17

“Tuesday is the New Monday”

Since yesterday was a Monday holiday, Tuesday became our Monday in the work week.

It was fine, but of course I couldn’t help but want to continue with the vacation ahahahaha. And I still have cough and cold, so that’s extra need to go back home and rest, right?

Speaking of illness, lots of my kids were also absent yesterday. Lot of them sick too. It’s probably the weather.

Hope everyone recovers soon!

Day 236: 08.28.17

“Productive Monday”

After battling with a runny nose for two days, I’m finally feeling better. I still have a cold and I think I’ll be developing cough soon, but I’m well enough to catch up on my studies.

Answered a lot of questions for online class. They’re pretty easy actually, I’m just lazy. Haha! So yeah, catching up on the week’s requirements now. 🙂