Day 118 – 2018.28.04


On the other hand, one of my gals, Bea, sat me down for an interview. She asked me some personal questions which I’ll discuss a bit here:

What is your passion?

I don’t have anything burning that keeps me on my toes. Some people say my writing is good and I should pursue it, but I don’t believe it myself and I’ve long realized writing is just a hobby for me. If it’s something that bleeds into various aspects of my life is having the liberty and guts to ask about what I’m wondering or finding answers about it. Psychology had always been a big part of my life. The human psyche, our behavior, how we are affected by culture and society had always intrigued me and I find pleasure in analyzing people.

I’m not sure how different my life would be if I did pursue psychology as my undergrad. Who knows. I might have pursued post grad for it.

What is your greatest fear?

I think I gave a lame ass answer for this, so afterward it still made me think.

I guess, honestly, my greatest fear is to never have done some goals I’ve set for myself because I was too lazy or I had let life get the best of my ability to make them come true. I don’t have big plans for myself, but I do have some things I want to accomplish at least like independently living in another country, getting a license to have that legitimate feel that I’m a pro at something at least, or bunjee jumping.

Well, some introspection we have here.


Day 117 – 2018.27.04

Glad to have a friend who can always put things into perspective for me. That thing with “Barbara” is a thing of the past now. I can only hope for things to go smooth with this unspoken tension between me and paranoia.

Keep strong, self.

Day 114 – 2018.24.04

I’m not the type of person to call our friends for not inviting me to hangout or to join a trip. I often evaluate the situation or the background story for such situation working at present, so I’m able to keep a level head on most things.

So when some friends suddenly conceal an information from me with nicknames for people I know uses it already, especially within earshot, what do I think about that? They are concealing information from me because…what? I’m not part of the circle that shares certain information, I know that, but it just kind of paranoids me if I’ve done something wrong to make me untrustworthy.

I don’t care about secrets, often it bothers me honestly, especially if I don’t need it, but to have someone treat me like this deliberately is unnerving.


Day 112 – 2018.22.04


Trying to focus on a single important task that is.

Okay. So at least I was able to finish two PTC forms in two days (wtf, I know right?). At least the ones I need to discuss for tomorrow are ready. And I’m ready finish another one tomorrow too in school just so I can stay away from the internet. HAHAHAH!

Anyhow, I finished watching s07 of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. I watched it for Trixie and Katya to get to know their personalities better or at least how they are in a competition, and I think I just fell in love with Katya.

She’s so beautiful, fun, funny, and friendly, but at the same time she’s also so insecure, vulnerable, and a little bit broken, I think. I kinda just want to hug her until she feels better (but that’s really not my thing). Trixie is a bit shady, but I think she’s nice most of the time.

Anyway, I read that Katya has taken a hiatus for a year to recover her mental health as she has succumb to addition–again–but at least she’s also picking herself up–again, hallelooo–to battle that demon of hers. Many, many people are routing for her and I do too! Get well soon, Katya!

P.S. I kinda ship Trixie and Katya together, so let’s hope that happens too. Hmm?

Day 111 – 2018.21.04

Imma make this day as productive as I can because I have four PTCs next week, report revisions and other stuff.

I didn’t push through with my tutor because I felt like I was too late for it and I just was not in the best form. So I just decided to finally sit my ass in a place with no wifi to get things done.

Thankfully, it worked.

I’m about done with this update, so I’ll go back to my work now. 🙂

Day 110 – 2018.20.04

Day 110 – 2018.20.04

So the year-end is just around the corner, so us, the higher-level teachers are cramming to have the year-end celebration in order.

As the most senior of the group, I felt the most responsible for this event. I’m not the coordinator, mind you, but my babies still need guidance, and I’m willing to lend a hand.

As expected, there were only a few parents present in the meeting for planning of the event, but I think we got most of the important parts down. Unexpectedly though, I was alone in being the speaker of the meeting. Hmmm.

Oh well, all’s well that ends well, hmm?

Day 109 – 2018.19.04

So apparently, after 68 episodes, Katya and Trixie left the webseries of “Ughhhhnnnn” for a cable show in Viceland.

Webseries usually have more freedom when it comes to format, and even use of language, so it was a bit strange to watch the cable version of Katya and Trixie’s show to be so…categorized.

It’s like watching an MTV show of Romy and Michelle after landing a job from their reunion adventure. There’s a lot of segments in the show and the original banter entertainment of Ughhhhnnnn is lost because they have to cut for the segments.

Oh well. I’ll still watch it since it’s Trixie and Katya after all.

Somehow, they are becoming my ultimate gay ship because out of drag, they are gay and so, shipping neon lights there. Then, I also dig lesbians so there goes them making out in drag. YEY!

Day 108 – 2018.18.04

I think…I’ve stepped on new fandom territory. *que in Jaws music*

I’m not even sure how it started, but I think I just got curious enough of why the drag queens Katya and Trixie named their show “Ughhhhnnnn” and then I was…well moaning with more for them.

Bianca once said that Katya and Trixie are a funny duo and I always see them as thumbnails in YT searches for drag queens, so I guess they are pretty popular now. I knew Katya from my first exposure to Drag Race which was All Stars 2 and I found her so so so gorgeous.

Based on the show, Katya seems to be a bit manic. She seems very smart, but she’s messy, but very funny and candid too. Trixie on the other hand, is also very smart and funny, but their humor is a little different but they jive! Usually for “Ughhhhhhhnnn” there’s a topic but they get really riled up and random along the way which makes it very entertaining to watch. Surely, Trixie’s “Oh, honey” and Katya’s laugh is enough for me to want more.

I’m learning a bit more on Katya’s background though, and I’m getting quite intrigued. It seems there’s something deeper from this funny queen’s past. Should I watch season 7 to see her in a competition setting?

Day 106 – 2018.16.04

“A Quiet Place” (American movie – 4/5 stars)

“The Center of the world” (Danish movie – 5/5 stars)

Well, what do you know. When I just wanted to attend a staff meeting and get if over with, I was suddenly a forum moderator in one of the most important discussions of this year’s ballsy intentions of reformating without enough balls to push through to have it implemented properly.


Well, despite a mother-son almost-smackdown in front of me (I should have been given a popcorn, or an award, or a popcorn award), I think that meeting bore pretty good ideas and plans to work on for the next week to come. Just crossing my fingers that my boss doesn’t slip with her anxiety.

(to be honest, my fingers are itchy suddenly and I feel that cross is untangling too soon—yikes!)

On other news, my day began and ended with movies. Before sleeping, I watched this Danish movie titled: “The Center of My World” which I give 5/5 stars!

The story is pretty simple with a gay guy as the main and his family drama. Of course the gay got me there, so I was tremendously pleased that I got more out of it. The mother character was interesting. She’s the kind of dysfunctional-because-of-failed-love-but-always-hungry-for-more kind of mom and she loves her children very much, and the angsty sister who clashes with the mother, and the point of view of the by-stander main character with small dramas of his own.

I like the concept of finding your own “center of the world”. Is it home? Is it with someone? Do you find it? Can you find it? Or have you always had it? It’s up to us to find out. So that’s what the main character (who I can’t remember the name of shet) goes through.

The family was also somehow fixed by the end, so that was nice. They are not yet healed, but already on the tracks, so that makes it more relatable and realistic, honestly.

Later by the end of the day, one of our school staff suddenly asked to watch “A Quiet Place” at the theater. It was a joke, but I said if he treats me to a ticket, I’ll go with him. He agreed. So there we go.

Strange though that I was with a movie date with a guy, but it was the furthest thing from romantic. If only this guy was around my age, I would have probably let myself think of something more, but he’s younger than my younger bro, so NOPE.

For the movie, I give it 4/5 stars.

Concept-wise, “A Quiet Place” has it down. That alone earns a 10 for me, but including story, hmmm. There were certain plot holes and questions left as the credit already rolled for us to leave the cinema, but the suspense was there.

Basically, the premise is that the people in this “quiet place” has to remain really really–seriously–quiet OR THEY DIE. Well, at least in this movie, the characters defeated the noise as best as they could while still trying to keep quiet. The best experience is also keeping yourself quiet as much as the characters did while watching. That was pretty cool.

I’m sure this will have a prequel or sequel just to show where those creatures came from and how they will leave earth.

Day 105 – 2018.15.04

I cooked pasta today, oh my gosh!

I seem to be cooking lots of pasta lately, I don’t know why. I don’t like cooking in general, but I have patience with pasta. It’s easy anyhow.

I have the procedure and ingredients down, but I honestly need to work on the most important thing: flavor.

In the few times I’ve cooked, it’s either a bit bland or too salty. WHAT THE FUCK.

Seriously, when I’m giving this much attention to cooking and it’s always flipping the bird at me. How dare you?!


Uhhhhhh try again next time! I still have pesto there, eep!

Day 104 – 2018.14.04

Saturday with my most favorite people in the world is ❤ ❤ ❤

My Junko Girls and I celebrated our 10th anniversary as friends. Can you believe that?! Of course, friends don’t usually celebrate anniversaries and we shouldn’t be counting much, but it was a great excuse to 1) finally taste the cooking of my friend whose skilled at it and has her own place to do it 2) to hang out with them again!

Back in college, when we were still new to each other, we meet about twice or once every month. But of course, real life catches on, employment, etc. and it made it harder to gather with as many members together.

My friendship with these girls have transcended fangirling to anime and jrock (that was our platform though), and we just share about everything. We even have a baby girl in the group, Dane! She’s as sassy as her mom and her many Junko aunts!

I have, thankfully, lots of friends, but these girls are personal treasures to me. Yes, there had been a shift in dynamics because we weren’t the same people as before, but I would say I am at my most genuine self with them. I always have a lot of laughs and the conversation topics is endless because they are smart, open-minded, and witty people to spend a day with.

I know it’s not going to be soon, but I hope to bond with you again, my gheis!

Day 102 – 2018.12.04

I didn’t make a big deal of my birthday, and I’ve never been the type to announce that it’s a special day for me (because it wasn’t, really), but to have someone remember it, even balatedly and give me a birthday, is a looped surprise for me. Like, oh honey you didn’t have to but like this makes me so happy!

So my tutee’s family gave me a portable mini-fan as a gift. There was a even a song while it was coming in! Such fun! I love the fact that it was a very practical gift and they were paying attention to my contempt at the summer heat and my horrifying sweaty self stepping into their living room three times a week.

Good job and thanks! 😀

Day 101 – 2018.11.04

Lola Nidora is back!!! (Uhm, that’s the name of my ipod, by the way. Why the name? Next time.)

Had my friend sell me her ipod classic’s battery and jack (which are the main problems of my ipod classic) for, so I had them transferred to my ipod and now it’s working great again! YAY! I saved up a lot because just parts replacement should cost me over a thousand pesos without labor cost yet. So 750php for the parts and 400php for labor equals only 1,150php! WOOT WOOT~

I like listening to music while in transit and the bulkiness of my phone on my pocket is just not good for navigating music on the go. Moreover, I have to remove the headphone every time I’m finished listening to music so that can make my phone’s jack loose and we don’t want that, honey.

So, yey!

Day 099 – 2018.09.04

Marvel’s “Infinity War” is just around the corner, so I’m suddenly struck with this urge to watch other Marvel movies in preparation for that movie which is equivalent to WWF’s Royal Rumble. And thanks to the very entertaining “Thor: Ragnarok” which gave me a very very endearing version of Hulk, I was on the roll today!

So I watched:
1. Doctor Strange (Benny!)
2. Guardians of the Galaxy 1 (Groot is soooo kyooooot!)
3. Deadpool (mkay)

Tomorrow, Guardians of the Galaxy 2! I have to watch it for the bebe Groot at least. Hihi!