Day 178: 07.01.17

Music Connections

I was in Jollibee eating lunch when I heard “When I Dream About You” by Stevie B which sounds a lot like Paramore.

I like Paramore, especially Haley’s voice, so I tweeted about it. As mentioned, I have different Twitter accounts, so I don’t remember where I actually posted the thought. I suddenly had a notification from one MW fan that I follow that it was actually Gracenote, a local band.

From there, we got to talk a few more about music and then she introduced me to another MW fan who likes music. This person is actually familiar to me because another MES member had been mentioning her in her tweets.

Small world, right?

We got to chat a little bit privately and that’s when I learned that she’s also a teacher in K and elementary in Thailand, and also do tutor jobs. Haha!

We exchanged music recommendations, of course. Since she lives in Thailand and I listen to Thai music, I also recommended her some songs.

What a happy incident!

Day 177: 06.30.17

The STRESS and The De-stressing methods

I opted to skip the explanation to my rants from the previous post because it’s too tiring to explain it when combined with that inner frustration of my introverted bitchy self narration.

Alright. For future re-reading, Michelle, here goes they why to your stress at this point.

Your boss wants to have a new uniform. The new uniform will be from Uniqlo. The uniform does not only mean the top, but you’ll also have jogger pants. The Uniqlo shirt is around 700 pesos, the jogger pants is around 1000 pesos. It will be a salary deduction instead of being shouldered by the school.

You don’t have the money.

You are enraged because you don’t know of any company who asks their employees to shoulder a school identification.

You are enraged because they don’t seem to care about the situation of the teachers just to satisfy their whims.

The uniform you had last year, which you suggested, is still in great shape. It’s not worn out, the colors are still vibrant as fuck, and it only costed 150 pesos a piece. Yes, you paid 600 pesos for the four pieces of it because heck, you thought it was an investment! And to be fair, it is a good investment!

Your school used the same kind of uniform, other companies are using the same brand, too.

So you really cannot comprehend the logic behind the need to change a uniform every single year. If even boggles the fuck out of you why other teachers allowed the same system for so long in the first place!

The practice is impractical, stupid, and it only feeds the evil bosses’ power more because they allow it to happen in the first place.



On Monday, we’re going to have a staff meeting. This matter will probably be brought up. Even if they don’t, I will bring it up to those mother fucks. I’m pretty sure they won’t go down without a fight anyway, so I’m willing to go head to head with them. On the other hand, I’m merely an employee who has a loud mouth when angry and the guts to speak out an opinion to the higher ups, so I still have to be careful.

Reality check, I still need to be employed by the end of that meeting.

Of course, at any heated argument, the best way to end it is to arrive at a solution to the problem. A win-win situation is to arrive at a compromise.

I have two suggestions:

1. They get those new uniforms if they will shoulder the entire cost.

No way I’m paying even half of it. Especially those jogger pants. They are unnecessary. Our old, cheap pants are enough. In preschool, which activities involve paint, water, flour, etc, basically anything that can stain your clothes, expensive clothes is a big X. So I don’t get the logic of disagreeing to use leggings (which are waaaaaaaaay cheaper and easier to replace, and which we’ll gladly shoulder with our money) just because the crotch area is exposed? EGAD. THE WONDERS OF MY BOSS’ MIND.

2. Have a patch. A uniform is a kind of identification of the institution anyway, so we should have a patch or the school logo embroided to our clothes. Just having different colors everyday doesn’t really represent anything. We’re not even that strict with wearing uniforms, so there shouldn’t be any fuss in the first place. So my suggestion is they put a patch in the uniform of their choice, and we’ll stick to the uniforms we have and have the logo. That way, even if we have different uniforms, we’ll have the same logo which will be a unified identification for us.

I’m not sure how well I can hide my temper because I know my bitch face can be very apparent. Well, let it be known if necessary anyway.

Good luck to me.

Anyhow, this was the topic which resulted to these:


De-stressing AS FUCK.

Day 176: 06.29.17

The heed for blissful silent fangirling + work issues again


It’s frustrating that despite my wide understanding of others, I can’t trust myself that I understand myself. Well, to be fair to myself, I think it’s the same for everybody.

Or is it?

It’s been a while since I’ve had this nagging feeling of stepping away from my active Twitter account where I fangirl and find most of the people I interact with from the fandom and also because they’ve become new found friends. I opened Twitter after so many years for fangirling purposes and for catching updates, but lately, it has become a melting pot of rants, raves, issues, updates, etc. Too much going on and the daily dose of other’s consciousness is making me hyperventilate.

It’s not that I don’t care about these people, I just don’t need the extra info on their interactions with others and the whatnot.

Yes, I’m a snob and a bitch, and trust me, I deal with myself every single day. It’s not easy.

Due to this, I opened another account which is mainly for updates regarding the fandom. A bit…better?

Since I got used to posting micro ideas from my head to Twitter, and I didn’t want to open the fandom-related accounts, I went back to my private Twitter account. And huwah… there goes the peace.

And non-fandom related reads are ❤ and makes me feel smarter. Fangirling is good for the heart, but too much of it is tiring too. So I guess, distancing myself from it a bit will be good for me.


Second part, work issues.

I’m so irritated I don’t want to discuss it. Even here. So. Bye.

Day 174: 06.27.17

My student Sofia loves her toys. They can be as real as they can be with their given personalities, relationships, adventures, background stories, and names.

While playing with her this afternoon, I suddenly thought of “Toy Story 3”. 

Like Andy, Sofia has Wishful, her first Beanie Boo, a unicorn. Despite Wishful’s family expanding this year, her favorite would always be Wishful. To be fair, if the toys were alive just like in Toy Story, they also understood that Wishful is the favorite, like Woody was to Andy.

So I do wonder, what will she do with her many toys and Wishful when she grows older? When I asked her this question last week, she just said she will give them away. However, I think she answered coldly because she didn’t understand the question fully. The sentiment was still beyond her years.

It also made me think of my own toys and how I treated them as I grew up.

As a kid, like everyone else, I loved to play. My toys and play were varied: pretend play with barbies, stuffed toys, and cooking sets, video games, and outdoor games like pico, ten-twenty, etc with my cousins. Since my parents could affort it, I had a lot of Barbie dolls which were my favorite as a young girl. But now, I don’t know where they are or where they ended up. Even when I cleaned our storage room, I didn’t see a plastic full of toys.

I remember cutting the hair of my Barbie dolls because I thought they will grow back, and then I left some of them unclothed. My plastic kitchen toys and doll house were forgotten in place of PlayStation and the Internet.

If my toys were alive like the ones in Toy Story, I wonder if they hate me. Perhaps they cursed me that’s why I’m still single? What kind of discussions did they have about me? I’m not a very careful owner after all.

So I hope, Sofia takes care of her toys. I’m sure, in some alternate universe, those toys are alive and always expresses happiness whenever she played with them. 🙂

Day 171: 06.24.17

I’m usually a home person, but when your boss invites you over for a swim in an ultra exclusive, expensive resort for free, you drag your home person ass and go! 

Hello, Punta Fuego! 

Certainly enjoyed taking pictures of the sea in its different forms: bold with strong and big waves, calm and enduring in its peace. There were also rocks, beautiful landscape of rocks! 

I happen to pass these leaves that looked like it came from an Instagram post with its filtered-like color. 

And first time on a banana boat and canoe! It was fun!!! I’m definitely enjoying the water more and more because of this bunch of co-workers. I think I’m always going to remember these lovely people whenever I’m swimming. It’s a bit bittersweet, really. 😣

Day 170: 06.23.17

Summit at 9 PM is…still Summit. Hahaha!

The last time I slept in school was way back in elementary, so when the opportunity opened for me to sleep there, I took it! I’m not sure how much my boss will like it, but let’s just hope she doesn’t ask me to pay for an overnight bill. 

My partner-in-crime, Kim, loved watching some episodes of Miranda (yay!) then we ate a meal in the middle of the night. The fudge. 

I was lights out at 1 AM.