Day 296: 10.29.2017

To mend my stressed heart due to the exam yesterday, I basically just lazed around the whole day until dinner time to meet with my family. Dad’s back in the country for a month-long vacation and this is our first time to meet and have a family dinner since he landed on the 25th. Of course, my two cute nephews were automatically in my care since 1) I love them so much 2) I love my brother so I’m helping him out because these two are so much to manage 3) because I missed them!

The older one, Miguel (5) is more mature now. From the spitting dragon of a kid, he now really listens, I can have a longer conversation with him, and since he goes to school, he’s basically a student for me. LOL. It’s strange that I my teacher-switch is turned on automatically whenever there are small kids around me. And I swear, if only I can lecture my brother and his wife about the way they spoiled their younger one and how we can work on his executive function (wtf), I would’ve. If I can.

I can, technically, but you see, my brother is like the game Minesweeper. Just when you think things are okay with him, he suddenly explodes, like those mine in the game. And I rather not deal with that, thank you very much.

Anyhow, tweaked a bit of my fic and then made this as my project teaser:

There’s a Twilight Zone vibe to it which I like and kinda fits the story, so yay!


Day 295: 10.28.2017

Today’s exam stressed me so much I straight away went to Jollibee to comfort myself with chikenjoy and jolly spaghetti.


Ang hirap kapag hindi nag-aral para sa isang exam! SHET NA MALAGKIT! I mean, nag-aral naman ako (onti) pero hindi talaga kinaya ng powers ko besh. Yung ibang tanong wala naman dun sa readings namin, kaya kapa-kapa nalang sa dilim. Buti nalang may essay part, so kahit maka kalahati man lang ako ng puntos siguro sa bawat tanong. Hindi ko na inaasaha makakuha ng mataas na marka, kahit po makapasa lang. HAAAAY MAHABAGIN.

Ayan, napa-code switch tuloy ako.

Anyway, was able to finish the MES fic in time! WOHOOOO! I think, I think, I was able to deliver this project’s theme. I just wish it’s effective enough to have some at least creeped out. Hyukhyuk.

Day 294: 10.27.2017

Happy United Nations Day!

Well, what can I say about it? Ermmmm… I didn’t expect not to enjoy it because out of all the events last year, the only one I didn’t like was my event because I was stressed with pressure.

There were definitely lots of issues that could’ve been prevented if they didn’t cramp the parents in one room like sardines. I don’t want to blame the organizers since they were both new with school events, but damn, they should’ve ask. And daym, I should’ve gotten this event instead.

Anyhow, my kids did enjoy the most part of it. Compared to my Fours last year, these set of kids are clingier to their parents, so I think events and field trips (if parents and yayas will be joining us) will be a big challenge. Nonetheless, I will make sure to prompt them days before the actual event about rules and plans. The ice cream plan was a success anyway.

Well, I did realize that I ought to stop myself from comparing. I didn’t even realize I’ve been doing it until that time I realized it. I mean, I keep comparing my Fours this year to my last one, and I keep comparing the events of last year to this year’s events. I have valid reasons for comparison and they can be helpful at times, but it’s also bound to disappoint me every now and then, especially because I’m setting an expectation. After all the disappointments in my life, I should know very well why I should avoid this at all cost.

And I found out something today. Erm, and I think I should consider that a compliment. Hmm. It’s like finding out your crush likes you too after finally deciding that you won’t like him anymore. Like that. LOL.

Day 291: 10.24.2017

My playlist is composed of old songs from the 80s up to the late 2000s, so contemporary music and artists are a hit and miss for me. I think I would always be in love with the music of my childhood, and I think that’s probably similar to most of us.

Anyhow, I chanced upon a rendition of “New Rules” by the Gibbs sisters. It was really a good cover, but I didn’t even know who Dua Lipa was.

Now, I’m listening to her whole album and I actually dig her songs, especially her voice. “Blow Your Mind” is definitely my buzz right now after “New Rules”.

Day 290: 10.23.2017

For the past days, we’ve been having visitors–parents–who were encouraged to join their children to show and tell of their culture. It’s the UN week, so we made it a point to highlight every nationality in our class, culminating to the UN event on Friday, October 27.

I’m very thankful for the parents who has been participating so far, and I really did not expect for almost all of them to come into the classroom and be patient enough with all 15 of our talkative kids. Well, it’s good for the kids, but it’s hard work for us teachers, especially managing the time to accommodate everyone’s schedules, especially the parent’s schedules since they are usually so busy.

Anyhow, it is a wonderful experience. So far, Iraq, Bangladesh, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, and America are done, and in the following days, we’ll be exploring Germany, Denmark, China, and last Russia! Our classroom is definitely a melting pot of nationalities!

Day 289: 10.22.2017

Since deadline is in three days, I finally had the courage to start my final assignment for my last UPOU class.

Why is “courage” my choice of word? You might ask. Well, because nothing is every scary to do, it’s beginning it. Because pre-work of a task, I always welcome it with thoughts that it is dull and difficult and dragging (and believe me, it is), but it is only when you start that you realize it is indeed dull, difficult, and dragging, but at the same time, it is manageable and you actually gain something from it as you go along with it.

So anyway, I’m at least halfway done my work. It is quite a long write-up, but not so bad.

On the other hand, I haven’t started with my MES project and deadline is in a week, so let’s where my cramming will take me this time.

Day 288: 10.21.2017

I am not a big fan of superhero films nor superheroes in general, but I do look forward to watching them because of the entertainment. I can always count on Iron Man and the Avengers series to glue me in my seat for the action, and although it was mediocre compared to the Avengers movie, Batman VS Superman wasn’t so bad. Especially, that’s where we first had a glimpse of Wonder woman!

Alright, so I wasn’t very invested in watching it, even though I’m a woman myself (because I know many would contess that I watch it to support female superhero and feminism yada yada), but after hearing that it made people cry, I started getting very curious about it.

So finally, I got to watch it.
And boy, it did make me cry.

Mostly, I was at awe of the fight scenes and Gal Gadot. ❤ Those amazons surely know how to swing a sword. The fight scenes were as badass and like a live-action version of anime fight scenes, it was that good!

Gal Gadot was just…so hot. Hahaha! And I like how they portrayed Wonder Woman here. In “Batman VS Superman”, she was just a side-character, so this movie gave a good explanation of her origins, her identity, and where her sense of justice roots from. I like how Diana is pure and curious like a child at the same time brave and principled as a warrior. And Gal Gadot is able to personify this character so well.

Looking forward to the Justice League film. 🙂

Day 287: 10.20.2017

Friday is supposed to be chill Friday, but chill there is none today. By lunch, I wanted to beg my students to let me not talk and give all the responsibilities to my partner teacher.

We’ve got consecutives visitors as resource speaker, so we have to accommodate time, but children does not understand that. Therefore, it’s really up to us, right?

Haaaaay. I’m so done.
Weekend, come soon.