Day 14: 01.14.17

Today, it has become very clear to me why I should never lose faith in humanity. 

When your brain is not functioning as much as you would like to which is why you forget 6000 pesos from the ATM machine right after getting your card and walking away. 

So I could’ve lost 6000 pesos just like that. Hard earned 6000 pesos dude.

But I felt someone tap me and when I looked back, it was a lady handing me my money which I forgot from the ATM. 

Gosh I was so stuuuuupid. And I was soooo thankful of ate. 😭😭😭😭😭 

Really, there are still good hearted, honest people in the world. We should never deny that reality. 💕


Day 13: 01.13.17

Happy Fridaaaaaaaaay indeed. 

Survived the week with minimal stress leading the class. With the additional drama in school, the teachers just had to unwind with pizza. 

Like a seriously yummy barbecue pizza. THIS SORCERY 


Something extra:

I finally found this little buddy’s nose. Hiiiii~ 😄

Day 9: 01.09.17

WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! OF ALL ILLNESSES, WHY DID MY PARTNER TEACHER GOT MEASLES?! The doctor requires her to be stay isolated for seven days. That means, I will be the lead until next Monday with 10 students and an additional new one the day after. *sigh*

I have an assistant sub-teacher of course, but class management is less stressful with my partner there. ESP is real between partners I swear.

Oh well. We work with what we have. My partner didn’t want that illness of course. Anyhow, I hope she recovers faster than seven days.

And a big, big GOOD LUCK to me.

Day 8: 01.08.17

We got our Travel Authorization Certificate for Taiwan! It was literally easy peasey lemon squeezy. I mean, of course it’s just a certificate and we are legit qualified for it, but I guess since it is as good as a visa, my best friend and I couldn’t help but scratch our head in wonder why the process was so…convenient.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing of course! It’s just that in the Philippines, legal documents are mostly stressful to get. If not, there’s always the suspence of waiting.

Ah well. Gotta make a call to the embassy to make sure this is all we need for our trip in March. Jia yo!

Day 7: 01.07.17


I love kids to bits. They surely are a handful, but playing with them and talking to them gives me such joy! Got to meet my friend’s 2.9-year-old son whom I met last when he wajust one-year-old and in a stroller. Now, he runs and jumps around like a freagin stuntman. Most kids his age will love climbing up something then bid an adult to help get down. Not this kid!

Hands down to my friend’s parenting style since she’s not so conscious of him getting dirty or playing around on the ground. Like that picture above! We have to allow kids to roam free and explore their surroundings to grow, and that involves getting dirty.

Haaaay. How time flies. I wonder when I’ll have a kid on my own. I’d love to have one. It’s no walk in the park, that much I know, but I know it will be hard work that’s beyond worth it.

Someday. Someday.

Day 6: 01.06.17

From one of my favorite podcast channel, The Hidden Brain, featured one of the books and theme I contemplated about years ago: getting unstuck.

I forgot what exact book it was, but I remember pulling out the book from the Self-Help section of Fullybooked out of the array of books about the topic. I remember feeling very down because I felt lost about what I really wanted with my life. I felt stuck in a life that I did not feel happy about anymore.

You’ll probably think that I read through the book and found my way to success thanks to it, but nah. I didn’t even buy the book. I did finish the first few pages and followed the initial exercise, then I think I showed it to my best friend, explained what it was then continued rambling about my life.

So imagine my surprise in suddenly encountering the book featured in a podcast I just casually listen to because I’m subscribed to it. But hey, I subscribe to a podcast because I like it. “The Hidden Brain” mostly discusses about socio-pyschological issues–my favorite.

Also, this topic seems so timely since I really feel lost again. As the podcast explained, perhaps I’m enclosing myself to the idea of a “teacher”, when in fact, I can be a different person. Hmmm, I’ve always wondered about that. It’s been six years, is it time to redesign my life?