Day 6: 01.06.17

From one of my favorite podcast channel, The Hidden Brain, featured one of the books and theme I contemplated about years ago: getting unstuck.

I forgot what exact book it was, but I remember pulling out the book from the Self-Help section of Fullybooked out of the array of books about the topic. I remember feeling very down because I felt lost about what I really wanted with my life. I felt stuck in a life that I did not feel happy about anymore.

You’ll probably think that I read through the book and found my way to success thanks to it, but nah. I didn’t even buy the book. I did finish the first few pages and followed the initial exercise, then I think I showed it to my best friend, explained what it was then continued rambling about my life.

So imagine my surprise in suddenly encountering the book featured in a podcast I just casually listen to because I’m subscribed to it. But hey, I subscribe to a podcast because I like it. “The Hidden Brain” mostly discusses about socio-pyschological issues–my favorite.

Also, this topic seems so timely since I really feel lost again. As the podcast explained, perhaps I’m enclosing myself to the idea of a “teacher”, when in fact, I can be a different person. Hmmm, I’ve always wondered about that. It’s been six years, is it time to redesign my life?


Day 5: 01.05.17

Day 2 of class! Chaos is slowly building up. When my partner complimented the “maturity” of one of our girls, that’s when she started acting up.

Anyway, said girl’s father is a charmer. He’s nice, he looks like a geek, and he rocks suit and tie. MY GOSH. THANK YOU SIR FOR COMPLETING MY DAY.


Day 4: 01.04.17

For the first class of the year, the kids were only seven, so more or less the class was more manageable. I missed talking to them!

News: We will have a new student next week. T______T Well, el niño es hermoso, but…it’s an additional to our already rowdy family. I love all my kids to bits, despite their “topak”, but then the dynamics will have to adjust again. Oh well. I hope Pau will be an easier boy to handle.

At night, I reunited with some of my co-teachers from my first job. I met them when I was 21, and now I’m 28, I love them more. We don’t see each other as often as when we were in the same company, but they are precious to me, and I’ll always provide time when they are here.

I’m probably quite picky with friends, that’s why I cling to the ones I choose.

Day 2: 01.02.17

Finally sold off my 2-month old F1f Oppo which my dad bought for me last year. Sadly. I actually like it, but the fact that it could not transfer applications to SD card (a feature I thought was automatic in all android phones) and the company cleared to me (through email) that there would not be any improvement of the OS in the future solidified my decision to replace it. Basically, with the new series of Oppo phones being marketed, that phone, despite the amazing specs in terms of CPU, would be left stagnant in time.

I kind of really regret buying it during the first day because of these reasons

1. Feeling ko nabudol ako ni ate saleslady kasi di ko inusisa yung specs bago ko sya binayaran. Walang logic. Tangang-tanga lang ako sa sarili ko. Though di naman lugi, pero yung key points na pinag-aralan ko months before, goodbye na nung nakausap ko sya.

2. Nagpa-pressure ako kay daddy. Minamadali niya kasi ako that day. Ayoko talaga ng minamadali ako kasi nagkakamali-mali ako. Ayan tuloy.

3. Mas mura yung Zenfone 3 Max pero di ko pa binili. Although may mga di rin ako gsto sa phone na yun, it was better in specs and price dun sa Oppo. Once na inspect ko na yung Oppo, isip ako ng isip dun sa Max. Nyeta.

Anyway, was able to sold it this day and then met a dealer for Asus Zenfone 2 laser 5.5s. This was the phone I was aiming for really, but for some reason, I was blinded by the trend. When I try to fit in with what’s hot in the market, I usually really regret it. I’m not sure why. The phone was four-months old and there were quite a lot to sort. Ang hirap kapag lalake may-ari ng phone, sobrang daming apps. Moreover, I think he was app-happy. Andaming unnecessary applications na he could’ve lived without. His messages were over 10,000 kaya ang tagal niya matanggal! Of course now, it looks better thanks to me. It’s faster too. I’m still thinking if I should upgrade to Marshmallow or not. Still a lot to consider in terms of battery, SD card and shit.

There are better phones from Asus third generation now, so I’ll just wait for those to get outdated, so I can buy them (it’s cheaper!) LOL. Anyway, compared to Oppo, except for the battery and camera, I’m happier with this. 🙂

Day 1: 01.01.17

Uneventful turn of the clock, but yeah, welcome 2017.
Our street was still noisy, but relatively less chaotic. Perhaps because of the wetness of the street because of the rain, the usual fire starters were discouraged? Not sure. But then our house, personally was much quieter this year as we were counting less and less. The men who would usually be thoriwng fire crackers one after the other to fend off evil spirits were with their wives and girlfriends.

I really am starting to realize the melancholy that old people always lament about. Aging is the process of realizing and experiencing people in your life saying good bye and leaving your life, for long or for good. You’ll always miss the old days, even if it’s clear as day, that we cannot turn back time. It is this clarity that pains us most.