Day 027 – 2018.27.01

Lovely catching up with my lovely Titas of Summit. Them my original Summit Squad.

Love you!!!


Day 020 – 2018.20.18

As I wanted to stay away from the heat of this day, I stored myself in a bookstore instead.

Since I was there for two hours and I basically finished reading a whole book, I opted to return the kindness and purchase a product. After all, I still had a gift card, so guilt free with the expenses!

I’m not into Science fiction, but I really found the creativity of Douglas Adams amazing and humorous. I liked the movie, but let’s see whether this book will be shelved and categorized as hoarded or as favorite.

Or, well, at least read.

Anyhow, the Family Day event at school was a success, so congratulations, work fam! ♥

Day 013 – 2018.13.01

What a fun time with co-teachers today!

Went to Sinagtala Farm and Resort in Bataan for our school building. Our supervisor said it was actually my moody boss’ idea, and it’s nothing short of odd and amazing at the same time. Nonetheless, of course, we all are very thankful. 🙂

Tried some new things like riding a bicycle suspended on air (sky cycle), ziplining and sky swing (a massive swing). They’re all pretty scary in the beginning, but they’re all really fun. During the zipline, I felt really close to the sky so I screamed “I love you Daddy, and I’m sorry for everything” then I started crying a bit. It’s kind of scary because I think I’ve been suppressing a lot of feeling regarding daddy’s death, and I’m not sure how to deal with it properly, so they just come out in episodes like this.

Anyhow, the sky and weather was amazing today, so I can’t help but take pictures, of course.


Haaaay. Sky shots will always save me.

Day 304: 10.31.2017

So at 7 AM, I braved fighting the sleepiness of a holiday morning to meet my co-teachers for shopping.


I don’t even like shopping just for the heck of it, but I think I was just really curious about this shopping spot in Taytay which apparently sells really cheap clothes. Inside, there are probably a hundred of tiyangge stalls. Most of them sell the same type of clothes and the prices do not vary as much. Nonetheless, there are differences, so I suppose to get the most out of your money, better go around and ask around–a lot.

The place is actually massive because the shopping place is not only one area, but the entirety of the shopping place is several tents and areas, so it’s probably better to call it a shopping district. It only reminds me of Chatuchak Market in Thailand and those shopping districts in Taiwan’s night markets and in Ximending, although more compact.

So what did I buy?

Under clothes: cycling shorts (30 pesos), undershirt (50 pesos), and leggings (60) for 140 pesos. The leggings is cheaper than the one in Guadalupe, but I can buy one from an ukay-ukay for 50. Haha! Anyhow, I might come back. Or not. I mean, yeah it’s cheap, but the fashion is not really my taste, and I think I can spot a bargain of the same or similar price somewhere nearer like in Guadalupe or Market Market or an ukay-ukay.

Nonetheless, I did enjoy the company and food, so still a yay than a nay!

Day 279: 10.06.2017

Spent five hours in Burger King for an impromptu date with this school year’s batch of new teachers! Finally. Hahahaha!

These kids are actually nice ones. They are quite different from our group last year, but really, it’s futile to compare and long for the past one, no matter how much I loved those girls, too.

Oh! One of my new co-teachers wanted me to meet a guy.
I know I’m almost 30 years old and I should be searching not only for a boyfriend, but a husband, but really, I’m not sure if that’s what I want right now. Also, I’m not sure what to do in dates. Do I conceal some parts of my personality (that I think will be an instant turn off hahaha) on a first date? I HAVE NO IDEA. HOW TO DATE 101 PLS. LOL

So in the end, I just sold the idea to another co-teacher and I think they’ll fit better. Erm, maybe. Haaaay. What am I waiting for anyway?


Day 273: 09.30.2017

It’s always a blast going out with co-workers. They are the right people to bond with just to help each other vent fumes from work challenges.

The lunch was a bit impromptu, but impromptu usually works for me. Impromptu is urgent, but it answers to one’s rawest need at a time. So thanks or the lunch treat, Teacher Bernie! And of course to my constant buddies since last year, Lia and Rochelle!

On the other hand, I’m not sure how I’m able to become comfortable with women half my age. I mean, even when I was young, I always hear “Mature mag-isip” as a comment about the way I converse. I was never awkward talking to my mom’s friend, and I remember actually discussing some ideas with them. Even when I began working, conversing and being close with older people seemed very natural to me.

Well, I’m not complaining. It’s just amusing. 🙂

Day 171: 06.24.17

I’m usually a home person, but when your boss invites you over for a swim in an ultra exclusive, expensive resort for free, you drag your home person ass and go! 

Hello, Punta Fuego! 

Certainly enjoyed taking pictures of the sea in its different forms: bold with strong and big waves, calm and enduring in its peace. There were also rocks, beautiful landscape of rocks! 

I happen to pass these leaves that looked like it came from an Instagram post with its filtered-like color. 

And first time on a banana boat and canoe! It was fun!!! I’m definitely enjoying the water more and more because of this bunch of co-workers. I think I’m always going to remember these lovely people whenever I’m swimming. It’s a bit bittersweet, really. 😣

Day 150: 05.31.17

Woke up to a hearty breakfast in Laguna after a night filled with uninterrupted conversation about work, life, and other things in-between over dinner, pastries, tea, and coffee.

Indeed, the lack of social media and wifi keep people bonded better in conversations. So tip, in dates, set this policy.

(LOL, as if I know anything about dating. HAHAHAHHAHAHA…. *fade to black*)

Anyhow, morning was swimming day!

Processed with VSCO with e6 preset

Fine, fine day to swim: not too sunny, not rainy! (Though it rained after a while)

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

I’m in love with this glasses. I hope we share more trips together, luv!

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Students and swimming coaches (LOL)

Definitely appreciating swimming in a whole new level because of my co-teachers/swimming coaches. I’ve been exploring what my body can do in water because of the encouragement of these people. No wonder they love the water so much!

I used to find swimming bothersome because of the wet clothes, changing, and I can only float in water like trash in Pasig River anyway, but the water suddenly turned into a learning ground, I’m a willing-to-learn student, thus, I gained much out of it (buoyancy was still hard to explain tho LOL).

Last hurrah for May, but this ain’t the last swim with these girls! Excited for the 24th! WEEE~

Day 149: 05.30.17

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Bea (1s), Rochelle and Lia (2s), Mimi and Cat (3s), Kim (Admin), Michelle and Geli (4s), Tresia and Myka (5s and Gr.1) – SUMMIT TEAM

Some tears and goodbye took place this afternoon as 7 out of 10 in this picture are taking on new roads starting next week.

It’s been an eventful school year with these ladies. It’s painful to accept that the time will come when we’ll be too busy with our own roads to look back to where we all came from together, but I’m still thankful to have had the chance to work and play with these souls in this lifetime. ❤