Day 047 – 2018.16.02

Apparently, “We Are the Ants” has a short story companion piece titled, “What We Pretend To Be” which copy was pretty easy to find in the generous World Wide Web.

The short story is a compilation of different alien abductions, each character with a different dilemma in their life and reactions to the encounter. Henry’s first abduction was also written as the finale piece of it.

In conclusion, the short story boils down to what the novel also wanted to reflect: everyone has a choice. Diego always emphasized this idea to convince Henry that he can make his life better if he chose it to be. Every character in the short story were also given choices by the alien which ultimately affects their life.

With this short story, I’m more convinced that the alien abduction in the story is merely an allusion to that line between the past, the decision, and the future.

Well, I might be wrong, but I’ll stick with my impressions until someone argues with me. After all, this is the beauty if literature, isn’t it? It’s openness to interpretations? 🙂

On the other hand, MALEC (Magnus Bane x Alec Lightwood) is eating up my time. It has been for the past three days, I think?

The funny thing is, I don’t have any intention to watch the show Shadowhunters at all, nor read “The Mortal Instruments” which the show is based on (because I’m not into fantasy stories), but I can’t help but fall in love with the pair. I think their characters have layers of interesting things to learn about and their dynamics is slowly being revealed to me, thanks to compilation vids and the few fanfics I’ve read.

I never paid that much attention to it when my friend mentioned that Harry Shum Jr of Glee was playing a gay role, but Youtube took my hand and lead me to another western gay fandom just like Skam.

Well, it’s always lovely to find new fandom.
With hot guys, may I add? 😀


Day 352: 12.18.2017

First Monday of “make-up classes” for a preschool. AHAHAHAHAHHA. Kind of ridiculous, but okay.

Figured since I’m alone for my class and there’s really not much point to continue the Insects studies with half of the class gone, I’d just continue with Christmas themes and stuff.

Haaay. Let there be zen throughout the remaining days of this year’s school days.

On the other hand, received very sad news.

Rest in Peace, Kim Jong-hyun.

I seriously had long moments of utter shock when I read the news shared to me that Jong-hyun of SHINee is dead. Worse, he killed himself.

I mean, SHINee is one of my biases in Kpop. After DBSK, they brought me back to appreciating Kpop again. Jonghyun is probably my least favorite of the member, but it doesn’t mean I dislike him. He’s actually an Aries like me, and I think he’s really a nice guy. I’ve lost count of SHINee news, but I still support their music or whatever projects they have. So imagine my surprise of suddenly catching up with news of them, but then this kind of news.

Worse, it’s always extra sad when the cause is suicide because that means the person was very depressed to have chosen ending his life rather than fighting one more day through the pain. I’m sure Jonghyun is not the only depressed Kpop idol what with fans’ and company’s demands on their image more than their skills, so it might have been very hard for Jonghyun.

We’ll miss you, Jonghyun. May you be I a better place now. No more pain.

Day 309: 11.05.2017

Recently, there was an issue about an Inside Showbiz (Celebrity news-related magazine/website) article about Vice Ganda’s cosmetic (which MM was one of the campaign ambassadors) which the fans flared up about. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original write up, but it’s basically Vice Ganda emphasizing why her hashtag #GandaForAll fits her campaign image of her lipstick shades fitting all types of beauty, whether it’s a dark-skinned girl or a fair-skinned girl, or somewhere in-between. Kisses and Maymay were chosen as image ambassadors of the brand, and Vice compared the differences in beauty type of the girls which are contrasting indeed: maputi-maitim, matangos ang ilong-pango and other comparisons of features.



I’m sorry, but I’m not one of those people who spoke about it, because honestly, I didn’t see any offense to it. The fans were mad because they felt that Maymay was being belittled being called dark and pango (small-nose/flat-nosed) beside Kisses who was the standard beautiful of fair-skinned and tall nose in the Philippines (in particular).

I have some issue with getting offended being called maitim because I don’t think that word should be given a value equivalent to an insult. It’s an adjective to describe what is visually apparent, so what is there to be offended about? If Maymay is called maitim does that make her ugly? NO. If she is pango and someone pointed it out to describe her feature, without using it to demean her being a person, does that automatically mean they are insulting her? NO! The intention was taken out of context, being triggered (I understand, but still), that it blows out of proportion, and bad vibes spread.

On the other hand, to be precise, Maymay is not exactly dark, she’s more of morena or brown-skinned (for lack of a better description) which is typically and traditionally Filipino. Nonetheless, I know many dark-skinned girls, and one of my newer co-teachers is probably one of the darkest I’ve been friends with, but she is gorgeous, nonetheless. Moreover, I know that being called pango is historically and culturally an insult in society just because we’ve been so into the Western standard of beauty, right? Filipinos are Asian. We descended from the Malays and Aitas, our race carries this genetic physical form, it is not a deformity, so quit thinking that it’s a freagin insult. It’s not! It shouldn’t be anymore. It’s 2017 for fucks sake. Look, I’ve been called pango so many times by my own family member just because they’ve been gifted with better noses. My mom even told me that if I have money, I should get a nose job. Whether that was in jest or a concern clothed in insult, I would never get a nose job. Why? Especially if I’ll look better with one? Well, that’s not my nose. My nose functions find without that tall bridge to show the world. I was born with this nose. If being called pango is the only way people can describe my nose, then so be it! It’s a word, it’s a description.

So seriously, pointing IS out as insulting for that description which Vice Ganda actually stated originally (why not flame him instead, huh?)is a testament of how many people, including members of this fandom, still has standard for beauty. It’s ironic because Maymay is already a walking testament of morena/dark beauty which should be a standard of beauty too (if there should be standards in the first place) and we idolize her, but a single polarization of what she is not, gets everybody’s butt in flames.


Day 282: 10.09.2017

Since I don’t have anything better to do (I do, I have lots actually), I’m contemplating what could be another MayWard Freudian slip.

So, Maymay had an #AskMaymay day in Twitter wherein fans can ask her any questions then she can answer her chosen questions. Someone asked, “Date na di mo makakalimutan?” She answered: September 14, 2017. Of course, Flyers (MW Fans) were in SOCO-mode (investigative)and realized that it was the day that Maymay was asked by Edward–officially–to be his Star Magic Ball date in Magandang Buhay.

Of course too, there could have been more interesting things that transpired that day (Magandang Buhay was in the morning), but since this is the only lead we have (and it’s a favorable one too), the conclusion was finalized.

Moving forward several weeks after, MayWard was interviewed for McDo. They talked about what makes them kilig. Maymay mentioned again that at the top of her head, it’s the SMB proposal. Several times after that proposal, Maymay admittedly, giddily shared that it was a very memorable experience for her and that the gesture, the gift, and the feeling she got from Edward and his action (as well as intention) was a feeling she has never felt before, which makes it very, very special.

I believe this.

Based on Maymay’s reactions whenever she talked about that proposal, her kilig is undeniable. And Maymay is known for having the most authentic reactions out of experiences that some would rather downplay to conceal a feeling or from being judged OA (over reacting). And to be honest, we love her for that! Remember, Maymay is not used to grand gestures dedicated to her (which is why all these attention and Showbiz life keeps her still in a daze, as she said, most of the time), but she does dream it. And I believe beyond the kneel and the proposal for the ball, it was Edward’s thoughtfulness, the story behind that charm gift that moved her, that made her kilig the most. Moreover, based on her Instagram post about the charm which Edward gave, the caption was short and a bit cryptic.

Cryptic in the sense that she seems to be just thanking him and saying that it was a very special experience, but her not sharing beyond that is also sharing a lot. You get what I mean? That in-between those simple words speak volumes of unspoken feelings–whether of gratitude, love, disbelief, doubt, admiration, etc. Those unspoken feelings that need not exist in words, but it’s a special understanding between the two of them alone. As Maymay also said to the press, there are things between only her and Edward, and that they are not obliged to share it in Social Media.

Drop mic!

If there’s one thing I love about these kids, they keep their privacy a priority, too. So whatever they have, that’s theirs. Whatever they share, then we’ll take it.

Anyhow, going back to the September 14 answer. One Twitter user wondered why of all memorable dates Maymay can give (Grand Winner date, album launch, movie launch, etc), it’s that she decided to answer. There’s a lot of possible answers, but I’ll subscribe to the one that favors the point of this post the most, of course. Haha! It’s possible that she wanted to please the fans, but I believe it’s also likely that if she was answering as fast as she needed to (because there was an influx of questions and she had a time frame to keep), this date was on the top of her head, too. Meaning, her kilig is also on the top of her head right now. It’s the condition of her heart that waved out of that private space she made for her and Edward alone, at least this once.

So was it a Freudian slip? Maybe.
Well, it could be anything, but then, truth is relative.

As a fan, I’ll take it.

What makes this all the more amusing is the fact that at least I got to analyze Maymay’s heart after a long while. Where is her heart now that they are outside the house? With all the care and attention she is subjected to by the one and only Edward John Barber, is she still in doubt? Still insecure? Or is she making steps towards opening her door to a possibility now, and not later, in that undecided, blurred tomorrow fate can promise them?

Well, let me count the ways. Take it slow my babies. Slowly, but surely.

Day 77: 03.18.17


Is this boy really 16?! Bakit ang kire kire niya?!

Edward really knows how to please a girl, and well, he probably knows Maymay really well and what will make her feel “kilig”.

So here they are performing their songs, “Titig ng Pag-ibig” when Edward put down his mic so they can have one mic only while both his hands lay on Maymay’s waist and arms. Then, during “Baliw” I saw a GIF of him taking Maymay’s mic to put behind his back so that they can share one mic instead. I think in all of these, Maymay was just genuinely surprised at Edward’s “moves”.

It’s funny that despite Maymay’s effort not to fall for Edward, I think the boy has other plans, don’t you think so? Ohhhh that would be a hard battle, Maymay. Keep strong! Haha!

Pero galingan mo pa rin, Edward! LOL

Day 75: 03.16.17

MayWard post here!

Yesterday, the MayWard (Maymay x Edward) episode of Magandang Buhay (local morning talk show) was aired!


I was delighted with this show because the whole episode was just good vibes. The hosts are all moms in real life, so they knew how to treat these kids right. A good nudge on what’s going on in their life individually and as a pair, but knew where to put a break on the inquiry and when to put in a good advice for their betterment.

In all TV shows that Edward and Maymay has guessed in, they’ve been asked about those admissions they’ve had from the Lie Detector test: Maymay having a crush on Edward, and Edward having feelings for Maymay. To be honest, I’m still boggled about what “feelings” mean for Edward because I feel that he does like Maymay a lot, but up to what extent, he wants to keep it to himself for now. So this show was no exception, they were asked about it. Edward confirmed, yes, if it was true he has feelings for Maymay and consistently answered that Maymay is one of the few people he really trusts including Yong and Kisses. This is also his go-to answer in other shows.

I’m just wondering though, if you try to conclude based on his answer, then feelings equate to deep trust which he also shares for Yong and Kisses, so he also has “feelings” for the two? Haha! Although, to be fair to our fandom, Edward has a special fondness for Maymay. Either he seeks comfort and familiarity from her (Edward once said Maymay reminds him a lot of his older sister) or she’s just very unique from the rest (and she is!), I would conclude that Maymay is the most special and whom he has the strongest “feeling” out of all his friends.

Moreover, I love this episode because the feelings is just one part of MayWard they tapped on, it did not dominate the conversation. Edward and Maymay had their individual segments. Maymay was interviewed with her mother, highlighting their relationship and her as a daughter. Edward’s upbringing, generous family, and good values were emphasized, too. He’s more than just the charming face, he’s the complete package!

Then they had the immitation game which shows how great their friendship is. Basically, you can’t imitate properly a person you haven’t been or have observed for a long time.

Basically, it was a great episode coming home to. I wish they would guest on this show again. 🙂

Rather than smiling because things are enjoyable, I always think that if you smile there’s something enjoyable waiting for you.

Masaki Aiba 相葉 雅紀 (ARASHI/ ), Japanese Idol, singer, actor, performer, radio host


Hello! How’s life?

This blog has been neglected in the past week, hasn’t it? I’m very sorry about that. I couldn’t even find the time to post daily quotes. I’ve been a bit depressed due to my failed job application which I hoped for greatly from my last post. I’ve been mending the damage through watching a lot of Japanese variety shows of my favorite Japanese idol group, ARASHI (嵐); they have been very helpful, and continuously until I landed on this very touching message from Aiba-kun. Reading this message gives me hope for my unforeseeable future, and it gives me strength to continue smiling.

I am bound for three job interviews in the next few days until Friday. If I don’t land any of these jobs, the possibility of going to Japan next year for a hanami birthday would seem very bleak. I also don’t know what my mental and emotional state would be. I’m not used consistent to rejections. Nonetheless, I’m not setting my expectation too high. I just want to at least feel secured of my financial situation, especially that there’s a lot to fix in our house alone. Anyhow, if time would remain abundant, maybe I can start practicing my Nihongo again. I’m watching a lot of Japanese shows anyway, maybe I should coordinate the situation with my studies.

Anyway, I come back with renewed strength and faith in the future. I’ll try posting more often here again.

Take care, everyone!

Howard’s Mother’s Brisket and the SHAMY

Sheldon: Do you have any idea what it’s like to see your mother ravishing someone?

Howard: …does a brisket count?

The Big Bang Theory Season 07The Mother Observation (TV)

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL This episode of The Big Bang Theory surely got me cracking! And I just had to quote this part of Howard and Sheldon’s conversation because Howard’s mother jokes always makes me laugh out loud. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against mothers, or obese women, it’s just that Howard’s jokes about his mother always have the extra mile in terms of comedic timing, so there’s that extra punch and laughter.

Simon Helberg is a great actor! He should be nominated for the Emmy’s too!

On the other hand, I feel that the writers are still waiting for the SHAMY-dom to cool down before they deliver the next step-forward after that milestone of a kiss. Hmmm…now that Sheldon discovered his mother’s extracullicular activities against her preaching of the Bible, I wonder if Sheldon’s gonna consider coitus with Amy? I mean, he did suggest it once to her, but Amy was still in her shell that time and without a relationship agreement with Sheldon, so I believe he’s not entirely against the act if the partner is agreeable to him.

He’s already kissed her and he liked it…maybe there will be developments.




I would say that 01.09.2014 is a good day oh yes, indeed.

Late in the afternoon I met up with Pam and Jaimy (former co-teacher and former student, respectively) at MarketMarket/Bonifacio High Street. It’s been a while since I last saw these two, especially Jaimy! She’s my very very first Korean student whom I’ve handled face-to-face so she’s very dear to me. Bonuses are of course that’s she’s super nice and even if she’s innately shy, she doesn’t mind my loudness. She’s bungisngis when you get to know her better. I’m also happy to note that after one year and four months of staying in the Philippines to study English, her skills have tremendously improved, and she doesn’t even notice it! It was wise to resign then. If I never left that school, she never would have changed teachers because Koreans are loyal like that. I think the teachers handling her now are doing a great job. She’s now more talkative because she can understand us better. I’m just so happy to note this~ ❤

Meanwhile, I sort of coerced Jaimy and Pam to help me find a postcard which I’ll send to Russia for my Postcrossing contribution.



They’re not very unique, but I think fitting for an entry to this new hobby. Well, if it does develop into a hobby. Soon enough I’d start snail-mailing a penpal, too. And that would be for another entry. 🙂

Anywho, while browsing through the postcard section of MarketMarket’s National Bookstore, I stumbled on this:


In the beginning, I thought it was a misplaced postcard because it wasn’t in a plastic, kinda dirty, and just plain out of place with the whole Philippines theme of the postcard rack. Until I was in line to pay for the postcards did I realize that it’s not actually one, but simply one of those cards sometimes between the pages of a book which serves as advertisement by publishing companies. Since my postcards were so generic, I wanted this monkey-boss-designed card to be a postcard so much that I just held onto it.

(You can say that I meant to steal it.)

Upon realization, despite my original intention to steal it, the card apparently, maybe, fell off someone’s book, another person mistook it too as a postcard then put it on the rack. I saw it afterward and took it. More of a finder’s keepers case. Since the owner is anonymous, it’s not stealing, just taking something when no one’s claiming.

And so, I have not stolen anything since 1995. YEY!

On another note, my planner is busier than I actually am:


I know it looks like the next promising face of chaos, but I am more at home with this than a pristine page with nicely structured hand-writing. I swear.




Okay, last week’s episode just made me bleh, though it was funny it just didn’t feel like the old The Big Bang Theory where the mix of humor, science geekiness, and romance were balanced. I somewhat feel that season 7 put too little attention to the science element and focuses too heavily on the personal relationships. Of course I rejoice on the Sheldon/Amy progress, but I hope there will be a progress on the science as well since the show was primarily established on that image.

So yeah, lately this feeling has left me a bit unappreciative of the humor as well, but then this episode happened.

I swear, I couldn’t stop grinning throughout!!! I started feeling soooooooooooooo sorry for Amy because Sheldon was being a jerk on their Valentines date then this scene happened.

I just melted into goo. *SIGH*

After four years of waiting, all the fanfiction written, the discussions and theories and analysis within the fandom, our collective sympathy for Amy, then this effing kiss happened.

In Tumblr, there’s a #SIK tag which I totally didn’t get for a while when I realized that the SHAMY (Sheldon/Amy) fans have been counting down the episodes when Sheldon would initiate the kiss. 

Do you get it? (Let’s assume you’re a smart one.)

Yep. Before this Amy had been alone initiating any kind of physically intimacy between the two of them. Actually, if one by-passes the glory of that scene that happened, Sheldon was pressured by the situation of Amy being annoyed at him and admitting that she did sort of schemed the whole vintage train atmosphere to get some romance. Basically, this whole thing happened still because of Amy’s doing. However, if you think more romantically on it, Sheldon would never kiss anybody if Amy never happened.  

Yeah, I definitely love this pair. They are, indeed, one of my truest OTP. 8D

(and now I sleep.


Yep, read

then sleep.)