Day 142: 5.23.17

It’s not a very good day today.

First news, as expected, the Monday blues that kept everyone in place yesterday, was no where to be found today. The kids, on a Monday, are just really warming up. The real deal with their behavior and energy is on a Tuesday. Nonetheless, I didn’t get angry at anyone and that’s still progress in keeping a consistent zen being.

On the other hand, the end of the day was less pleasing than my optimism.

Parents of one of our students came over to talk about their children, which was actually helpful because we really needed to talk, and better in person.

I guess what really upset me is that the conference was a revelation of what is actually the hold in our plan to help adjust the child in the classroom. It’s just that when the parents are the ones that need consultation, the situation can get very tricky and sensitive.

Well, what kept me upset after the talk is the fact that there was no real resolution to the problem. I’m glad we finally get to hear their opinions about the situation that we have of their child, but in general, I felt that they were implying our lack of action to make their child feel comfortable in the classroom so as not to make him feel bored and unwanted, especially by me.

Even after all these attempts and intention to make the situation better, it’s the parents who are holding back with the development of their children. It’s more upsetting because we’ve been working on him for six months now, but everytime they go on a trip, we go back to zero. We’ve explained this in PTCs, but I personally think it’s the parents that need to understand and accept that their child needs help.

“He’s just five.”

He’s already five.

“He likes to touch. He’s affectionate.”

Yes, but touches can have limitations.

“He sees his classmate standing up.”

Why does he need to copy when he knows that’s wrong?


Second news, I learned something about someone. I don’t distrust this person, nor to I trust entirely. Civil.

But whether civil or close, I hate liars. Lie as much as you want, or you need to, but make sure I won’t catch you, or someone doesn’t unfold you because I don’t forget, even if I forgive.

I wanna learn this person’s intention and motivations to do that act, most of all.

I hope this person gets tired eventually.

Third news, what’s wrong with the world mama?

Just learned that certain areas were invaded/attacked by terrorists groups which may or may not be connected to the ISIS. It’s those bunch of peope who give their soldiers drugs that get them high on decapitating people.


I’ve accepted that no place is safe anymore, but when that fact is already knocking on your door, you wished you never realized it in the first place.

So wishing fo the safety of everyone in Marawa, Bankok, and Manchester.


“If we ignore all those reasons, and we forget who we are supposed to be, then what is it that you want to do?” Noh to Phun 

Love Sick The Series, Ep08, Season 1 (Thai TV show)