Day 125 – 2018.05.05

There’s nothing that I love more than spending time with my favorite people in the world.

It’s rare for us to come together this frequent in a month since we have to coordinate schedules to have a date, so I really treasure today.

The walwal day is yet to happen, but really, ever since we never needed a drop of alcohol to get as rowdy and crazy as we already are. Hahahah!


Day 104 – 2018.14.04

Saturday with my most favorite people in the world is ❤ ❤ ❤

My Junko Girls and I celebrated our 10th anniversary as friends. Can you believe that?! Of course, friends don’t usually celebrate anniversaries and we shouldn’t be counting much, but it was a great excuse to 1) finally taste the cooking of my friend whose skilled at it and has her own place to do it 2) to hang out with them again!

Back in college, when we were still new to each other, we meet about twice or once every month. But of course, real life catches on, employment, etc. and it made it harder to gather with as many members together.

My friendship with these girls have transcended fangirling to anime and jrock (that was our platform though), and we just share about everything. We even have a baby girl in the group, Dane! She’s as sassy as her mom and her many Junko aunts!

I have, thankfully, lots of friends, but these girls are personal treasures to me. Yes, there had been a shift in dynamics because we weren’t the same people as before, but I would say I am at my most genuine self with them. I always have a lot of laughs and the conversation topics is endless because they are smart, open-minded, and witty people to spend a day with.

I know it’s not going to be soon, but I hope to bond with you again, my gheis!

Day 214: 08.06.17

Went out with mah Junko Girls today!


8 years of crazy overlaps with these gheis ❤

I dearly missed these people. I have a lot of friends, but I can definitely say they are my favorite people in the universe (if I haven’t said that before here.)

Indeed, I’ve grown older with these ladies. I mean, we used to hang out in anime conventions (or outside of it), eat fast food in a mall’s food court with our school allowances, but have such a great time we go home until late at night, but now we meet for lunch for Vietnamese food and go home before 9 PM.

Haha! Welcome to Tita days!