Day 309: 11.05.2017

Recently, there was an issue about an Inside Showbiz (Celebrity news-related magazine/website) article about Vice Ganda’s cosmetic (which MM was one of the campaign ambassadors) which the fans flared up about. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original write up, but it’s basically Vice Ganda emphasizing why her hashtag #GandaForAll fits her campaign image of her lipstick shades fitting all types of beauty, whether it’s a dark-skinned girl or a fair-skinned girl, or somewhere in-between. Kisses and Maymay were chosen as image ambassadors of the brand, and Vice compared the differences in beauty type of the girls which are contrasting indeed: maputi-maitim, matangos ang ilong-pango and other comparisons of features.



I’m sorry, but I’m not one of those people who spoke about it, because honestly, I didn’t see any offense to it. The fans were mad because they felt that Maymay was being belittled being called dark and pango (small-nose/flat-nosed) beside Kisses who was the standard beautiful of fair-skinned and tall nose in the Philippines (in particular).

I have some issue with getting offended being called maitim because I don’t think that word should be given a value equivalent to an insult. It’s an adjective to describe what is visually apparent, so what is there to be offended about? If Maymay is called maitim does that make her ugly? NO. If she is pango and someone pointed it out to describe her feature, without using it to demean her being a person, does that automatically mean they are insulting her? NO! The intention was taken out of context, being triggered (I understand, but still), that it blows out of proportion, and bad vibes spread.

On the other hand, to be precise, Maymay is not exactly dark, she’s more of morena or brown-skinned (for lack of a better description) which is typically and traditionally Filipino. Nonetheless, I know many dark-skinned girls, and one of my newer co-teachers is probably one of the darkest I’ve been friends with, but she is gorgeous, nonetheless. Moreover, I know that being called pango is historically and culturally an insult in society just because we’ve been so into the Western standard of beauty, right? Filipinos are Asian. We descended from the Malays and Aitas, our race carries this genetic physical form, it is not a deformity, so quit thinking that it’s a freagin insult. It’s not! It shouldn’t be anymore. It’s 2017 for fucks sake. Look, I’ve been called pango so many times by my own family member just because they’ve been gifted with better noses. My mom even told me that if I have money, I should get a nose job. Whether that was in jest or a concern clothed in insult, I would never get a nose job. Why? Especially if I’ll look better with one? Well, that’s not my nose. My nose functions find without that tall bridge to show the world. I was born with this nose. If being called pango is the only way people can describe my nose, then so be it! It’s a word, it’s a description.

So seriously, pointing IS out as insulting for that description which Vice Ganda actually stated originally (why not flame him instead, huh?)is a testament of how many people, including members of this fandom, still has standard for beauty. It’s ironic because Maymay is already a walking testament of morena/dark beauty which should be a standard of beauty too (if there should be standards in the first place) and we idolize her, but a single polarization of what she is not, gets everybody’s butt in flames.



Day 267: 09.24.2017

Today is the last day for voting for the PUSH Awards. I’m really vouching for Edward to win as Push Newcomer. If MayWard wins as Tandem of the Year, then I think that’s a struck of luck. I mean, our fandom is up against fandoms already well-established in the industry for more than a year unlike MayWard which only became official six months ago.

For now, the important thing is we’re fighting. Despite my despise for slow-loading websites, I asked for 30 accounts plus my 3 accounts to help in voting just to support my babies. The rest is up to the tally.

Seriously, I’ve never been this active in a fandom before. Local fangirling surely is a lot of work. Phew!


Day 169: 06.22.17

 Maymay (mini) Album Review

Track #1: TOINKS

Okay, the first time I listened to this song through the lyric video uploaded on YT, I was MEH. I’m not into novelty songs, but I know how notorious their recall is, so I had faith this song would eventually grow on me. I was also disappointed that it didn’t highlight the range of Maymay’s voice.

On the other hand, I do understand now why it is the album’s carrier single. One, it expresses her personality. We all love Maymay for not being judgmental, so the song fits that she’s the one singing about it. Second, you hear “Char!” and “Skrengge” and “Bushak” and “Na-buang na!” in the song which are all her expressions. Three, the being upbeat is a trademark of hers.

The lyrics are actually wonderful since it talks about double standards in modern society (though this has been around for years already). She sang it in a funny way, but pointing out this reality is actually quite sensitive. We’re all guilty of that, right? I mean there’s nothing wrong with looking like a driver, but culturally, if you happen to look like one, it automatically carries several negative connotations like being unkempt, struggling financially, and being fawned over by girls instantly is an unlikely scenario. Lots of comparisons like this in the lyrics and they are all agreeable.

Now, I really like this song as it is upbeat and several parts like the “Allergy, allergy yan!” part is a fun part to sing and dance along with. Especially after watching Maymay perform this in the launch, I finally felt a strong connection with it. LOL.

Still not a prefered iPod music, but this is a great morning commute song, especially when I still feel sleepy.


Track #2: Shanawa (Siya na nga)

Slow pop that reminds me of 90s love songs with the likes of Jolina Magdangal, Roselle Nava, Donna Cruz, etc. At least this song showcases more of Maymay’s voice. I’m sure her flexibility will allow her to sing a wide range of genres, but I guess one of her strengths is balld or slow pop like this track.

As a MayWard fan, can’t help but think that this song is for/about Edward. They’re still young, yes, but I just really pray that in the future, maging sila nga and refer to each other as “Siya na nga”.


Track #3: Kabaduyan

My favorite track of the whole album! ❤ ❤ ❤

Maymay’s sweet voice surfaced in this track, especially during the chorus when she sang “Gusto kong maduyan, kabaduyan…”. There was a moment when I forgot I was listening to Maymay because I’ve never heard her voice so clean and smooth. Moreover, I’m aligning this song to my “Singe and Alone” playlist along with Mojofly’s “Tumatakbo” and Gary Granda’s “Mabuti Pa Sila” which talks about being single, feeling lonely being single, and feeling envy about other people having someone special. Yes, it’s “baduy”, but we all just wanna experience that “kabaduyan” at least once in our life.
Track #4: Mahal Kita Kasi

This is a revival of Toni Gonzaga’s song which is for, “My Amnesia Girl”? Since the whole lyrics is made up of pick-up lines. Very fun song, very fit for Maymay. Her voice range was also highlighted here especially in the bridge part when she kept going higher in “Kasi, kasi, naman kasiiiiiiiii~~~”.


Track #5: Mahal Kita Kasi (Feat. Edward Barber)

Aha! So this is the “duet” with Edward. Hmmm. Same song with some part Edward sings. Okay, I have to admit I’m still not a big fan of Edward in singing or dancing (its awkward ahahahahaha), but I respect his willingness to try and to dive into it. He has a nice voice, I guess they just have to find the right song for him. His Filipino has improved immensely, but enunciation needs improvement, thus his words still sound off even in a song. Nonetheless, I still wished his parts were longer. It would have been fun to have them seem like they were throwing pick-up lines, don’t you think?


Track #6: Pangarap

Perhaps it’s Maymay’s victory song? Very upbeat and positive. It sounds similar to another song though I can’t remember which, nonetheless, it’s nice. Not my favorite from the new tracks tho. I also thought this was the song she was able to compose during their Domino Tower task. Nope.


Track #7: Baliw (Punk Version)

Okay, I have to admit that I’m not a fan of “Baliw” even though it is MayWard’s anthem. LOL. I admire Maymay for being able to compose this song though and the “ah ah, ah ah a-a-ahhhh” got me hooked on this song, but this punk version is really good for energetic, crazier less romantic performances for the two. 😀


Track #8: Baliw (Acoustic Version)

I like this version better! Minues the kilig during performances, it just highlights Ed and Maymay’s voices much better. Moreover, I wonder where I can get the instrumental version of this song they used for the live drama? That was seriously really nice.


Track #9: Titig ng Pag-ibig (feat. Kisses and Marco)

One of my favorite songs from PBB! I like the original version recorded inside the house with McLisse, but I also like this electro-pop version of the song with Kisses and Marco. The whole song is just so positive and upbeat. Of course, whenever I hear the song, I’m transported to that last part of the live-drama, the bridge part in particular, when Maymay and Edward probably slipped out of Ikay and Aren’s character. If I need to point out a moment when MW was most transparent about their attraction and growing feelings to each other, it’s a toss coin between that performance in the live drama and the group hug when Maymay and Edward’s eyes couldn’t let go of each other amidst the crowd with them. Those moments were the most electrifying.

Titig ng pag-ibig, indeed.


Yosh, there goes a mini-review of each track. Overall, this album encapsulate Maymay’s personality: her vibrance, positivity, prompting love and passion to pursue one’s dream. I expected her original compositions to be placed in this album, but let’s just hope they find a spot in the next ones. To be honest, I like the songs here, but I like Maymay’s original compositions better, sound-wise. To add, those compositions were created based on an immediate experience, so you know the emotions that came with them were raw.

Nonetheless, I’m very thankful she was given to opportunity. Hope she’ll be able to collaborate with more artists in the future, as well as be given more liberty to record her own compositions. Well, in God’s time.

Day 168: 06.21.17

 ABA Seminar + MM Album Launch

Despite my disappointment that a seminar cosmically fell on the same day I’ve been looking forward to since May, it was a priority.

I’m a fan through and through, but above that, I’m a teacher, so I know my priority should still be work over fandom.

Thus, when I heard that the seminar our boss wanted us to attend (and paid for in full, yay!) was on the same day as Maymay’s album launch, I knew I had to make a plan. The show starts at 5 PM, the seminar ends at 5 PM, so I at least had to reach the nearest MRT station before 5:30 PM by foot or Uber/Grab, so even if there’s already a line, I’ll be inside the train by 6 PM or earlier. I would reach the venue by 7 PM (latest would be 8 PM), and I’ll just pray that the show starts late so I can still catch Maymay and Edward on stage, or if not, just have late dinner with whoever MES I’ll meet there.


So, the seminar started a bit late. It was supposed to be 2 PM, but per Filipino time, we began around 2:15, maybe. It was a bit embarrassing because our speaker was Japanese and she works in the States, and we know just how strict Japanese and American time are. Nonetheless, when the hall had most of the guests seated, Ms. Mari Ueda, our speaker, began.

The seminar was about managing challenging behaviors in the classroom using the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The approach is widely accepted and deemed successful especially managing behaviors of children with autism.

“Behavior analysis focuses on the principles that explain how learning takes place. Positive reinforcement is one such principle. When a behavior is followed by some sort of reward, the behavior is more likely to be repeated. Through decades of research, the field of behavior analysis has developed many techniques for increasing useful behaviors and reducing those that may cause harm or interfere with learning.

Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is the use of these techniques and principles to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior.”


I think our boss had us attend this seminar when he saw the word “challenging behavior” in the seminar title, though in my opinion, I didn’t leave the seminar with much to gain from it. Of course, it was worth the time to learn about a kind of approach used in classrooms, but I think we’ve been doing the same kind of management in our classroom though in a different way. Positive reinforcement is at the heart of managing behavior especially with this generation who seem to be more liberated mentally and emotionally, and would not accept being dictated of what to do. The use of concrete rewards (like candy, chocolates, etc) is a big NO in our classroom management, but kind of the same when we reward students with a choice that is in their favor, but doing what they have to do (teacher-directed) first.

Nonetheless, Skinner’s operation conditioning techniques which ABA adheres to is very helpful for children with autism since the structure of repetition, action and rewards help them with routine and building skills.

Anyhow (didn’t intend to give an opinion about the seminar, but anyway there you go), I’m thankful that perhaps the venue were kind of strict with time, so the seminar ended at exactly 5 PM (unlike their earlier run-down of schedule which would have finished at 6 PM). Moreover, the venue was walking distance to the nearest MRT station, so I was able to reach the station by 5:20. There was already a long que to the platform, but at least I was able to go ride the train before 6 PM.

The trip to North Avenue Station from Ayala was a long, torturous one. However, I still felt very lucky that I was able to be on the train before the rain had a downpour. On the other hand, I wanted to reach the venue as early as I could because I really wanted to see Maymay perform. “Champagne Supernova” played on my iPod along with the feel of the moving train and the dark sky outside with a heavy downpour and I wanted to..drink. LOL

By quarter to 6, I was already inside the venue. I got my album and Maymay was already performing.


It was a flood of green light sticks and the love of all the fans that filled the small dome was overwhelming. I felt very lucky to have had the opportunity to be with everyone who felt the same admiration to this simple girl, but I’m sure Maymay was a hundred times overwhelmed with all the blessings coming her way.

I was finally reunited with Charlo and then I met another MES member, Sky along with other MayWard fans from another group. It was kind of awkward having to interact with new people, but I just thought that since we had a common love for MayWard, it wasn’t so bad to show my real side to them. So when Maymay performed, Edward came out, and the two had a surprise fucking hug on stage, I couldn’t help but hit Sky in glee. HAHAHAHAHA! It’s a reflex when I’m giddy, so sorry Sky! LOL

On Maymay:

This girl. Wow. I’m floored by her dedication to improve herself. Edward was right, the girl from PBB would never have dreamed or performed like that, but she really pused her skills and confidence to improve to give the fans what they deserve: a good show. Her singing was on point, she had swag when she danced, and it felt like was born to be on that stage. You can see her passion in performance, as well as her comfort and happiness. Up close, she still looked the same as in pictures: pretty, kind-looking, and bright. Her bright smile and her warm aura reminded me of Isshi during that live in Nagoya. I swear, it was a warmth that I’d love to come back to. 

So to bashers who say that Maymay looks like a monkey or a corpse, it would be a pleasure setting you on fire after proving you wrong.
On Edward:

Unlike Maymay, we didn’t have the chance to meet him up-close, but even from afar, damn that smile! I’ll say blame it on the lights, but daaaaaaym, that smile belongs to a toothpaste commercial! I’m sure Edward is as handsome as he is in pictures, or probably more. He was very attentive to Maymay when they were together on stage. I’ve seen the same kind of attentiveness of Edward to Maymay in numerous videos and pictures, but it’s quite different when you see it for yourself. I dare say, this boy has feelings for Maymay and it’s probably running very deep now. *thumbs up*

On MayWard ❤

Despite knowing that their “Baliw” performance is rehearsed, they pull it off so freagin naturally! I mean, we’re around 2000 people in the dome, but they never take their eyes off each other for more than 5 seconds! Edward probably really enjoys making Maymay kilig, so he’s always ready to battle her in a staring contest, to invade personal space, to be touchy, and get the audience riled up. 90% of MW Flyers are either women or gay, so of course, when it’s the guy making the moves, we all go crazy over it. Maymay represents any girl who gets to have a handsome prince give attention to her that intimately. The girl who tries to keep composure by keeping in her giggles and failing miserably at it, so in the end, you just hold on to him for dear life.

I didn’t expect for them to have that tight embrace at the end of the performance: Maymay resting her head on Ed’s shoulder, eyes closed with an ecstatic expression, and Ed just enclosed her whole body to his, smiling like an idiot and looking oh so proud of his girl. That embraced lasted for about 3 seconds, but the feeling it elicited from us was orgasm: intense and convulsing. LOL. TMI?

What more, we actually didn’t see from our side that before that embrace, when Edward dipped Maymay, their faces were super close and Maymay pressed their noses together. It looked like Maymay used every inch of self-confidence to do it, but Edward obviously enjoyed her boldness and the result of it. Maybe it’s a dare? Oh, we’ll never know!

The last part of the launch allowed a group of 10 to be in a picture with Maymay, so yay! I was finally able to give her and Ed’s gift! We actually had a moment which went like this:

Me: Hi, Maymay!
MM: Hello po!
Me: *hands gift* for you~
MM: *looks overwhelmed* Ay thank you po. A—
Guard: Paki bilis lang poooooo
MM: Hala ate, salamat po.
Me: Welcome! Pa-kiss ako!
MM: Sige po~ *beso*
Me: *beso*
(kuya sa background: Marami pa pong tao na susunod sa inyo sige na pooo!)
Me and MM: *laughs*
Me: Eto na nga kuya! Bye May!
MM: Bye po sa inyo!

I didn’t have the chance to hear what she wanted to say because of that guard! But of course I know they were only doing their job. Oh well.


Ate late dinner with Char at Yellow Cab and shared about many things, MW and personal life included. Glad to have met this girl whose also a Thomasian! Go USTe!

Ripping my album CD to transfer to my iPod and listen to the songs tomorrow.


Haaaaay. What a day.

Day 125: 05.06.17


Happy 20th Birthday, Maymay Entrata!

I love this girl very much. I don’t easily trust people and I am skeptic of people’s intentions and actions, but this girl is making me believe that there are people out there who are really kindhearted, pure, and can charm the heck out of people like magic.

She seems so simple, but she’s beyond the simplicity that you see physically. Actually, her simplicity is one of her best traits. As an artista, you have to be fashionable, always in your best look for the camera, but this girl remains herself. She still wears the same clothes she wore in PBB, talks the same, still the crazy old Maymay, and the people who are able to be around her prove these with their testaments.

For once, I really want to meet this girl, give her a hug, and be crazy with her even for a short while.

So as a birthday gift, our group, MES, finally released our collection of oneshots (based on prompts given to each other) in Wattpad. YAY!

TWENTY: MES Project #1

In terms of writing process, this is one most excruciating piece I’ve ever made. I usually finish a one-shot in a single seating (I think it’s called a one-shot for that), but my piece was two weeks in the making! Also, I wasn’t very satisfied with the ending, but to comply, I just really had to give it my best shot and hope for contentment.

I’ve browsed through my co-writers work and wow, mine seems so boring! HUHU! I wanted to go for light and kilig, but mine became a waterfall of introspection. Nonetheless, I’ll just subscribe to the thought that I’m claiming that writing style, whether people like it or not.

Anyway, it’s the first time I’ve collaborated with others for a fandom project, and the people I’m with I believe are very awesome individuals, so I’m proud to be part of our small community.

Congratulations to us!

Day 64: 03.05.17

PBB Lucky Season 7 Big Winner is…MAYMAY!!!


*victory dance* WOOT WOOT! My bet won!!!
After seven whole days of doing my part as a supporter by sending votes for both Maymay and Edward, I can proudly say, I was part of this victory. It was the first time I ever engaged myself in the voting of a Big Winner or in any local shows that demanded voting actually because I am not a fan of the local showbiz industry.

Local showbiz is too mainstream for me. Teleseryes and movies are made for celebrities, not the other way around. It feeds on the fantasy of people and I feel that most actors are either overshadowed by popular “love teams” or ignored by management if they don’t have strong fanbases, so their talent goes to waste. Then indie cinemas take notice of them, then they go back to mainstream. Well, no brainer there. That’s where the money is. Nonetheless, for the sake of my admiration for these two young adults, Maymay and Edward, I have involved myself and dived into the workings of showbiz as I stay more for this fandom.

Even after PBB, I know I would be supporting these two kids because I admired them not as celebrities dolled-up and trained in people-pleasing talk, but because I got to observe and admire them from afar as a TV audience in a world where they allowed themselves open for the world to love or criticize for being themselves.

I stopped watching PBB after the first season because there were just too much drama, and the teen edition was too hormonal-driven for my taste. However, because of this funny girl, Maymay, I stayed. And I’m glad I did. And I’m so, so proud that she roused victorious after that long, long battle inside Kuya’s house.

Here’s are the reasons why Maymay is my Big Winner:


A lot of people compared her to Melai Cantiveros (PBB Big Winner 2009) for being the funny, not-that-pretty Bisaya girl whom Kuya (Big Brother) loves to joke with. I agree with this actually! They are both naturally funny and charming. While Melai has the witty punchlines, Maymay has the facial muscles to contort her face into a funny one. Lots of bashers used this fact to make fun of her, but I found it so endearing. Anyone who can make me laugh in stitches is a winner! Her banters with Kuya in and outside the confession room is also an audience favorite, thus, heaps of videos that tags “MayKu” is also available in Youtube. You can say she’s “galawgaw”, “kiti-kiti”, baliw, etc. But I think, not any of those movements were rehearsed. A lot of her friends and family members attested to her being really like that in the Outside World. Melai and Maymay actually does not see these funny characteristics of theirs as a personal trait, but could be Bisaya trait especially for those who flew to Manila. For Bisaya people who cannot express themselves very well in English or Filipino use big hand gestures and movements to express themselves better. Maymay’s funny bones (literally!) and hearty laughter brought life to the whole house, and it probably reflected well into viewer ratings. Instead of the usual pabebe teen edition, there was more focus on family bonding because it was what Maymay promoted passionately as an ate to everyone, and her happy disposition was undeniably infectious.

I first watched this season with Maymay’s episode of meeting her idol Enrique Gil. They had a date as a gift by the housemates and Kuya for the grieving Maymay who lost her lolo a few days before it. Kuya repeatedly teased and tested Maymay’s patience up to when she’s going to hold on to the possibility of meeting Enrique up close in the house, and then finally, it was the perfect time. I thought she was over acting with her reactions with Enrique because you just don’t express opinions of “Sobrang gwapo mo!” “Nakuuuuuuuuuu” and others when you have a chance like that! You have a conversation! LOL But admittedly, I couldn’t stop laughing. I just could not. For the whole episode, I could just not stop laughing because of Maymay. And well, she had the realest reaction as a fan. She did not try to hold back her kilig, her opinions, her going crazy over the situation, nor try to put a good face just for Enrique to like her. She was just savoring the moment as herself. And I thought, wow, how lucky could she be to be given this chance by Kuya. Was she a favorite?

Apparently, she was. And for very valid reasons, anyway. I’m a snob and critical of what I watch and who I see on TV, but to make me (and probably thousands more), the management knew they found a gem in her.


As easily as Maymay can make someone laugh, she can make people cry as easily, too. But well, it would have been better without having a loved one go.

While inside the house, her lolo, Papa Joe, passed away. The whole nation saw the happy-go-lucky Maymay bend her smile into frowns and sobs. Honestly, I couldn’t help but cry with her when I saw her break down as she heard the news from her cousin. Later on, she told Kuya that the very reason she entered the house was to help support her grandfather, to get him into a private hospital, to help with his medication. She also wants her mother, who has been working in Japan for 20 years and supporting her big extended family to finally retire and stay with her in the Philippines. Her father left them when she was one-year-old which forced her mother to seek employment in Japan. Ever since, her grandparents raised her.

We saw her broken when her grandfather died, but she bounced back as best as she could so as not to make her housemates, whom she considers like her own kin, feel down as well. One of the best things I like about Maymay is that she is not “paawa” (begging for pitty) even during the time that she was in the position to be so, or even with the fact that she lost a loved one, her family is poor and they were abandoned by her father. In fact, when she’s telling stories about her humble, big family, you always feel like she’s just telling you a story as a matter of factly. She boasts about the happiness her family shares despite the challenges financially. She’s not there to gain sympathy or pitt\y, but she was clear in her goal in the house by sharing who she is completely, family background, skills and all. On the day her grandfather died and when she went back to the house after 24 hours (as a house rule), she chose to hide her tears in the bathroom so as not to bother her housemates. She tries her best to be strong and to smile especially as she is the ate of the house.

Her family serves as her moral ground. Being raised Christian and by grandparents, Maymay’s values and perspectives when it comes to love and relationships goes back to how she was raised by her grandparents. Thus, she never took advantage of men’s attention nor assumed anything out of it, even if it was clear as day that the male housemates adored her so much. She also shared these values to her younger housemates who needed reminding of the consequences of their actions.


Composing and singing

Inside the house, Maymay was able to showcase the songs she made. Some in passing, others were recorded and released as official singles. Maymay said that she is able to write songs when she’s inspired. True enough, one of the first songs she sang for her housemates was one she made years ago for a guy she liked; the most famous of all, “Baliw”, which she made after her date with Enrique Gil; an unfinished song with a working title of “Pangarap” she made and sang on the spot during their domino tower task; “Kariton” was eventually given to the Dream Team’s Dream Boys which she helped with some parts with Nonong; “Titig ng Pag-ibig” she co-wrote with Nonong again based on McLisse; an English song she had Cora translate the lyrics about being far away from a loved one; and last one the fans are calling “Dahil Sa’yo” which she was singing to Kisses as they were resting in the girls bedroom (fans are speculating the lyrics speaks of her current feelings for Edward: scared). That’s a total of seven songs! Amazing!

Writing lyrics is like writing a poem, but fitting a melody that matches the measure of the words in a song is hard work. Either you studied it or you’re talented. In my guess, Maymay is talented. She is part of a choral in her university which serves as her scholarship ticket, so perhaps her musicality has been honed because of it. However, composing songs on the spot is something we don’t see everyday. With two hits already and a great voice to boost, I’m sure record labels will have something for Maymay after PBB.


If a veteran director hails someone as the “next superstar”, hold on to that statement because they have the critical eye for potential and talent.

Acting is still not Maymay’s best suit, Edward gets that crown in a heartbeat, but she has one of the biggest potential to develop in acting fastest after PBB. I’ve always noticed how Edward has natural air and flare in acting, but after him Maymay immediately follows. Probably because when acting, Maymay puts her mind into it. She’s able to take off her funny, kiti-kiti self and be serious, so that she can get the job done well. Direk Rory B. Quintos praised her improv skills as “mahusay” as she is quick in thinking of ideas to blend with her fellow actors. In my opinion, she worked the hardest as an actor in their Live Drama task as she had the most lines to memorize, the most scenes she had to be in, and the most character to interact with other characters. She was able to transform herself into Maymay the professional actress in less than a week. Of course, having a talented director as mentor helped with the demand, but as the saying goes: success is a combination of talent, hardwork, and luck. Maymay had all of it. And I am not alone with these praises! Supporters, casual viewers, staff, directors, and co-housemates all had great things to say about her attitude towards acting.

I hope she blooms on TV as an actress in the many years to come. With Edward, of course! As a love team or as individual actors.


Maymay once said that she was part of the dancing club in her elemetary school (?) and I think she was able to carry this interest growing up. You see her enjoy dancing and she picks up steps easily. Nikko of Hashtags even joked to his partner, McCoy that if Maymay joins Showtime, they might get kicked out because she easily learns dance moves taught to her. Maymay likes to move around, dancing just gives structure to it along with music whom she’s obviously inclined to.


I was surprised to learn that Maymay did freelance modeling before in Cagayan de Oro. She even joined a modeling contest and I think placed a spot in the top 3. Somehow, Maymay doesn’t look very tall because her upper body is short compared to her lower body with those long legs. This makes her look like a teenager along with her co-housemates. She is the tallest in the girls of their edition, but she looks quite small beside the half-European boys, Edward and Marco. Nonetheless, Maymay’s walk is gorgeous. She has never joined a pageant until that task in PBB, but her walk is much better than the others, especially in her emerald evening gown. Her ramp walk has a bounce which excudes confidence and all the while boasting her long legs.

I wish Maymay gains a little bit more height. She’s 5″6 now which is tall for a Filipina, but to be a pro model, I think she would need to be a bit taller.


EQ is sometimes placed behind IQ and I don’t really agree with it. In fact, intelligence is not measurable because it can take form in different ways (google Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence). Maymay is one example of a girl who has emotional intelligence which reflects in her decisions and perspectives towards relationships (family, romantic, friends).
For example, despite having a crush on Edward, she chose to keep mum about it because she is not her priority as of the moment. She has anticipated the possibility of developing feelings for him as they are always together and paired up as love team, but she does not want to admit anything to the world nor to herself that she has feelings for him. Perhaps, she knows doing that admission will cause a shift in their relationship or add fuel to her feelings. She knows that she wouldn’t be able to like/love him whole-heartedly in the present. Not when they are possibly being swayed by the situation they were forced into, when she’s still recovering from a heartache, and her priority is to provide for her family. She knows it will be unfair for Edward whom she treasures as a friend.

Another example is when she raised to Kuya regarding concerns about being touchy of some housemates who like each other. She knows that as people with feelings towards each other, being touchy means something else. As teenagers, this is dangerous ground for them. Because of this move, not only was she able to lessen the physical intimacy of the younger housemates, but it also saved these kids’ image in the outside world as “malandi” or “mapusok”.

Last example was during their Lie Detector Test challenge. Before going in the chair, the housemates were asked by Kuya to light up their torch as a sign of accepting the challenge. They were given up to the end of the night to accept it or not. It took Maymay up to the last minute to decide which made a lot of people question her sincerity. Was she hiding something that’s why she was debating whether to let it out or not? She shared to her co-housemates that the reason was that she did not want to be questioned about her estranged father. Not for her, but for her mother who asked her to keep mum about him before she went inside the house. Her father has his own family now and has not made any efforts to communicate, thus, her mother wanted to keep that peace by not being asked about it in public through Maymay. Maymay, on the other hand, admitted that if it’s only her, she would take the challenge in a heartbeat, but then she was debating in herself whether to honor her mother’s decision or go with her instinct to prove her credibility as a housemate as the task is challenging them to. Initially, I wanted Maymay to take the challenge and prove to her bashers that she has nothing to hide, but after learning the reason for holding back, I respected her decision for respecting her mother’s. That’s being a good daughter. When asked by Kuya why it took her so long, she stated that all important decisions are thought about hard and long, especially if there are others that might potentially get hurt in the process. She did not let the pressure of being the only one left behind.

On the other hand, being emotionally intelligent goes hand-in-hand with interpersonal intelligence which is basically social skills. I’ve been floored over and over again by how Maymay easily charms people and help them get out of their shell. Edward and Jinri for example.

Edward, I think, really is sociable. However, his disposition as a foreigner in the house who cannot communicate in Filipino made him seem serious and quiet. However, he said he immediately felt welcomed because of the bubbly Maymay. In a day, he confessed to Marco that he liked her personality. Maymay also struggled in English, but she tried her best to communicate even before being given the School Time task. Her desire to be able to communicate and be better friends with Edward and talk this with Kuya actually bridged that event. Edward could’ve been paired to other housemates to learn as they are able to communicate better and are smarter like Kristine or Heaven, but Kuya knew that Maymay will boost Edward’s confidence socially too as he becomes more comfortable with someone who apparently shares the same kind of craziness with him. I believe the Edward we love now really is the cheerful charmer of Germany because Maymay was able to pull him out of his shell. If he just stuck with Marco, sorry but in my opinion, he would’ve been just a teenager stuck with a raging hormone like his friend. Edward is smart, but he gets swayed by girls and romance just like any other boy his age. I think Maymay was able to influence him positively.

Jinri is the stereotype introvert: likes to be alone, wary of people especially of extroverts (like Maymay), quiet. I was surprised by this because her image as a DJ and sexy image model is so different from her Christian, introvert self in PBB. She said her image is very different from who she is. As an introvert, she admitted that being in a crowd can be overwhelming and she does not trust easily. However, with Maymay, she was willing to win a house for her. If that’s not telling of trust, I don’t know what is! Maymay was the only person Jinri opened up to when she started isolating herself because of pressure. She felt Maymay’s genuine feelings of sadness when Jinri and Nonong started joking about getting evicted which hurt Maymay as she didn’t want anyone of them to leave or give up the fight. Jinri is thought to be aloof by the other housemates which caused her to be nominated several times. However, it is apparent that Maymay and her are close even though they dont’ spend as much time with each other. Maymay, I believe, know Jinri’s limit/boundery for people interaction and she respects that. She is mature enough to understand that friendship is not about always sticking together. Kisses, on the other hand, seeks for it, so Maymay adjusts for her.

Nikko and McCoy also said that Maymay is able to adjust herself to both adult and teens to bond. She does not chose her friends. Of course, it is obvious who she spends more time with, but I observe again and again how the housemates are comfortable conversing with her. Even Tanner, whom the regulars said is very quiet, reserved saved for conversations with Cora and Edward, apparently became closer to Maymay in the last weeks of the show. His “kulit” was more obvious when his brother came in the house. It resurfaces when he is around Maymay, damn language barrier and all. Tanner broke his Instagram feed full of his pictures with a selfie of the two of them. Even if it’s just for show, I believe the actions he showed around her inside the house spoke volumes of how comfortable it was to be with Maymay.

Last note on this topic, 10 out of the total number of housemates combined this season voted for Maymay as the Big Winner which included Tanner, Jinri, Hashtags, Nonong, Thuy, Elisse, Ali, Luis, Jessie, Fenech. Intrapersonal intelligence at its finest!


Maymay and Kisses became best friends inside the house. Funny thing is, despite the closeness and sweetness the two show, their fans are at war on who is the better housemate. Several times, Kisses had issues in the house, but Maymay was always there to comfort and understand her. When Kisses was hurting because of Marco, she was there to comfort her. At some point, she even tried to push Kisses to Marco to cheer up her friend, but realizing it was not helpful, she played the ate card and advised Kisses that there would be more boys out there and she should wait. When Kisses started acting like a brat by getting moody, clingy, and guilt-tripping everytime Maymay was having fun with others, it caused a big rift. However, she decided to open it up to Kuya to try to find a way to fix it. She did not open the issue even to her closest housemates like Yong, Edward, or Nonong because it was a problem between her and Kisses. She didn’t want others to see Kisses in a bad light. Viewers bashed both Maymay and Kisses for being “sumbungera” and “brat”, respectively. However, based on Maymay’s story, the problem had been repeating between them even outside the house, it was happening inside the house again, so she just expressed her feelings about it. Maymay wanted to save the relationship, so she opted to forget the issue, but Kisses was cold to her. I personally wanted to slap Kisses with a trout, but eventually the problem was fixed. During the LDT task, it was revealed that Kisses was envious of Maymay being paired up with Edward and her talents. Viewers connected that this might be the root cause of why Kisses would suddenly get angry at Maymay for being loved by others. Actually, that is very painful for a friend to hear, isn’t it? It wasn’t Maymay’s fault in the first place people like her and her talents, why must she be responsible for what Kisses feels? But as the loyal friend she is, when Kisses revealed this to her (and appreciated her honesty), Maymay was hurt and she cried, but she accepted it and moved on. She just advised Kisses not to feel bad because it is part of growing up.

As Edward still has torns with Heaven (he confessed he likes her and said the same, but then when a suitor came in, she retracted leaving the boy broken-hearted), I think Maymay has also stayed away from Heaven when they went to the Outside World. Inside the house, Maymay said that she’ll be there for Edward if Heaven ever hurts him. And she made it a point not to spend too much time with Edward when Heaven and him were still in good terms because she didn’t want Heaven to think badly of their closeness or get jealous. She knows where to place herself when it comes to friendship. Now, knowing how Edward felt about hat whole ordeal with Heaven, and he obviously has become closer to her, she didn’t have a single video or picture with Heaven in respect to her dear friend.

Maymay once told Kisses that when she had a boyfriend, she refused to be kissed on the cheeks even when it was just part of a truth or dare game with her church mates. She knows where to place bounderies when it is needed for the sake of loyalty to the person she loved.


To all her bashers, she fearlessly has addressed: “Bahala kayo sa buhay niyo, uy.” in a joking manner. Despite the humor-tone of it, you know she is dead serious about it. The statement is as prickly as how Cora would say, “I don’t care.”. When asked what she can say to bashers saying she doesn’t deserve to be the Big Winner, she had this retort: “Eh ano ngayon?” (So what?). Her expressions are so casual, yet so direct and leaves no room for argument. She doesn’t use long, flowery words to explain her side. She had always been transparent and consistent with her answers, so we know that she’s honest. She’s consistent with her views on love, being true to yourself, achieving dreams, and even the small details like her answers from before up to now are the same. When asked who is her crush, it’s always Enrique. Now, it’s EnriqueWard (Enrique and Edward). She’s honest. She knows lying will take her nowhere and as she said, being true to herself got her to where she is now.

What makes Maymay so relatable to people is her casualty. Despite being aware that she’s in front of the camera, her feet are raised when eating, she picks her nose, she has expressions similar to a curse when surprised, she’s a hardcore fangirl, she farts and does not ever conceal it, and she speaks her opinion firmly or carefully as the situation needs it. She’s the girl with many small dreams, independently living in another city apart from her family and doing small sidelines to help with expenses. She’s thin and she cries easily, but she is resilient like a bamboo.


“Maraming salamat dahil pinili n’yong maging bahagi kayo sa pangarap ko at matupad ang mga ‘to. Gusto ko lang sabihin sa inyo na ‘wag na ‘wag kayo matakot mangarap. Pangalawa, ‘wag na ‘wag n’yo kakalimutan, kung sa’n man kayo mapunta sa pangarap n’yo, ‘yung mga taong tumutulong sa inyo. Pangatlo, kung nasa dulo na kayo ng inyong mga pangarap, at kapag kayo ay nadapa, lagi n’yo lang tatandaan kung paano kayo nagsimula at kung bakit nasa dulo na kayo ng inyong pangarap. At ang panghuli, ‘wag na ‘wag kayong matakot magpakatotoo kung alam n’yo naman tama kayo, dahil d’yan kayo dadalhin ng inyong pangarap, patungo sa inaasam n’yong tagumpay. Maraming, maraming salamat sa inyong lahat.”

This was Maymay’s speech when she was declared Big Winner. Inspiring, isn’t it? Her humility, greatfulness and drive reflects in her speech and I’m sure a lot of people was awed by it. I wanted to cry if not for my mother who was there with me!

I’m glad that Maymay chose to come back to Kuya’s house after her lolo died. She shared that she has taught of abandoning PBB because she was devastated. The person whom she wanted to win for was gone, and she felt that it was meaningless. Nonetheless, she taught about the opportunity PBB presented, especially she was hand-picked by the celebrities to be the lucky housemate to come inside the house. That’s why she was the first of the teens to come in. It was like a foreshadowing or her being a glue/bridge of the other housemates to each other. When they had the domino task, she did not chose to get the flag to take do the big jump challange because she said she wanted to work hard on that tower to be able to give one more housemate a chance to be the lucky sun, may it be her or someone else. When the remaining six teens had a challange of putting balls in each others’ box as the one with the most balls would be nominated, she was determined to keep her ball empty or with less of them. Even though she had the least chance of being nominated with having the least number of balls in their boxes, she was not complacent. It was a task and she had to do her best. Which is why as an ate, she hit Vivoree and Kisses’ heads in annoyance when Viv stopped because she was getting emotional getting so many balls, and Kisses getting Viv’s balls to put in her box. Yeah, it was kind of noble for Kisses, but I found Maymay extra admirable because it cemented the fact that despite valuing frienship, she was aware of the competition and she viewed everyone had the same eye on the prize. She is not as competitive or as strong physically as Tanner or Aura, but then you feel her drive in accomplishing tasks that is aligned to her goal, of course, fairly at all times.

So there you have it. This long, long, long post I have for Marydale “Maymay” Entrata. I have so much well-wishes for this girl because I admire her so much. I hope that as she goes into Showbiz, she remains grounded, but as fun as she ever was. I hope she remains positive, thankful, and inspired everyday. Whether she ends up with Edward in the future or not, I know I’d be happy for the both of them.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to make a post like this for Edward, but probably. I do admire that kid very much, but to be honest, I think I’ve always been more of a Maymay supporter. Anyway, well-wishes to our baby boy, too!

Again, congratulations, Maymay!

Day 34: 02.03.17

This day was a lot of MEH. Like, what should have been “FRIYAAAAAAAAY!”, was more of “Oh, it’s Friday.”

I even dressed up nicely to stir the mood, oh but nope. I’m so done with this week!

I just wanted to watch my current favorite TV show, Pinoy Big Brother, and see what’s gonna happen to their tasks. I now secretly have a second Twitter account just to have a space to put my thoughts into. Lots and lots of opinions on this show. It has been around for 11 years and my mom and I followed the first season from episode 1 up to the last (we even had DVDs of it), but then gave up on the next ones. Especially the teen editions were so…hormonal. Being a teenager, I was skeptic of real love at that age, and now as an adult, I was more sure of how that’s not gonna work yet. However, this 7th season has pretty nice personalities in the teen season and it made me stuck around. I’m particularly fond of Maymay first because of her funny facial expressions and reactions to everything, but then I found out she’s really nice too.

She’s not perfect as I see her flaws, but then that makes her unpretentious. A lot of people commented that this being the 7th season, some of the housemates probably have planned their would-be image in the house, but one of the hosts of the online show of it said–who was also a housemate–that in the passing of time, you just shed whatever mask you have in the house. You won’t even be aware of the cameras anymore, so you become unaware of the things that you say which becomes available for people to judge and twist.
I’ll probably dedicate one blog post about the tandem I’m rooting for in this season. Let’s see.