Day 309: 11.05.2017

Recently, there was an issue about an Inside Showbiz (Celebrity news-related magazine/website) article about Vice Ganda’s cosmetic (which MM was one of the campaign ambassadors) which the fans flared up about. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original write up, but it’s basically Vice Ganda emphasizing why her hashtag #GandaForAll fits her campaign image of her lipstick shades fitting all types of beauty, whether it’s a dark-skinned girl or a fair-skinned girl, or somewhere in-between. Kisses and Maymay were chosen as image ambassadors of the brand, and Vice compared the differences in beauty type of the girls which are contrasting indeed: maputi-maitim, matangos ang ilong-pango and other comparisons of features.



I’m sorry, but I’m not one of those people who spoke about it, because honestly, I didn’t see any offense to it. The fans were mad because they felt that Maymay was being belittled being called dark and pango (small-nose/flat-nosed) beside Kisses who was the standard beautiful of fair-skinned and tall nose in the Philippines (in particular).

I have some issue with getting offended being called maitim because I don’t think that word should be given a value equivalent to an insult. It’s an adjective to describe what is visually apparent, so what is there to be offended about? If Maymay is called maitim does that make her ugly? NO. If she is pango and someone pointed it out to describe her feature, without using it to demean her being a person, does that automatically mean they are insulting her? NO! The intention was taken out of context, being triggered (I understand, but still), that it blows out of proportion, and bad vibes spread.

On the other hand, to be precise, Maymay is not exactly dark, she’s more of morena or brown-skinned (for lack of a better description) which is typically and traditionally Filipino. Nonetheless, I know many dark-skinned girls, and one of my newer co-teachers is probably one of the darkest I’ve been friends with, but she is gorgeous, nonetheless. Moreover, I know that being called pango is historically and culturally an insult in society just because we’ve been so into the Western standard of beauty, right? Filipinos are Asian. We descended from the Malays and Aitas, our race carries this genetic physical form, it is not a deformity, so quit thinking that it’s a freagin insult. It’s not! It shouldn’t be anymore. It’s 2017 for fucks sake. Look, I’ve been called pango so many times by my own family member just because they’ve been gifted with better noses. My mom even told me that if I have money, I should get a nose job. Whether that was in jest or a concern clothed in insult, I would never get a nose job. Why? Especially if I’ll look better with one? Well, that’s not my nose. My nose functions find without that tall bridge to show the world. I was born with this nose. If being called pango is the only way people can describe my nose, then so be it! It’s a word, it’s a description.

So seriously, pointing IS out as insulting for that description which Vice Ganda actually stated originally (why not flame him instead, huh?)is a testament of how many people, including members of this fandom, still has standard for beauty. It’s ironic because Maymay is already a walking testament of morena/dark beauty which should be a standard of beauty too (if there should be standards in the first place) and we idolize her, but a single polarization of what she is not, gets everybody’s butt in flames.



Day 289: 10.16.2017

No work today due to nationwide transportation strike!

Well, hope something positive comes out of that shit. I’m not pro-removing the old jeeps because I believe they are icons of metropolitan Manila, but they just really have to make sure that the machines are still well-maintained. I mean, what matters is the performance right? I’m not even sure what the intention is behind changing jeepneys into new one. If it’s meant to reduce traffic, I don’t think that’s the most effective way. Discipline and respect is what’s lacking on the road. That creates the traffic. Yeah there’s also volume and bad traffic enforcement, but I think it all boils down to those two things.

Anyhow, Congratulations to my MayWard babies for winning in the Push Awards!


Edward won as New Comer of the Year (I was most nervous about this!), MayWard as Tandem of the Year (didn’t expect this because we were up against big LTs), and MayWard fandom as Fandom of the Year (the volume of tweets everyday gave me no doubt we’ll bag this hahaha). WOHOOO!

Day 282: 10.09.2017

Since I don’t have anything better to do (I do, I have lots actually), I’m contemplating what could be another MayWard Freudian slip.

So, Maymay had an #AskMaymay day in Twitter wherein fans can ask her any questions then she can answer her chosen questions. Someone asked, “Date na di mo makakalimutan?” She answered: September 14, 2017. Of course, Flyers (MW Fans) were in SOCO-mode (investigative)and realized that it was the day that Maymay was asked by Edward–officially–to be his Star Magic Ball date in Magandang Buhay.

Of course too, there could have been more interesting things that transpired that day (Magandang Buhay was in the morning), but since this is the only lead we have (and it’s a favorable one too), the conclusion was finalized.

Moving forward several weeks after, MayWard was interviewed for McDo. They talked about what makes them kilig. Maymay mentioned again that at the top of her head, it’s the SMB proposal. Several times after that proposal, Maymay admittedly, giddily shared that it was a very memorable experience for her and that the gesture, the gift, and the feeling she got from Edward and his action (as well as intention) was a feeling she has never felt before, which makes it very, very special.

I believe this.

Based on Maymay’s reactions whenever she talked about that proposal, her kilig is undeniable. And Maymay is known for having the most authentic reactions out of experiences that some would rather downplay to conceal a feeling or from being judged OA (over reacting). And to be honest, we love her for that! Remember, Maymay is not used to grand gestures dedicated to her (which is why all these attention and Showbiz life keeps her still in a daze, as she said, most of the time), but she does dream it. And I believe beyond the kneel and the proposal for the ball, it was Edward’s thoughtfulness, the story behind that charm gift that moved her, that made her kilig the most. Moreover, based on her Instagram post about the charm which Edward gave, the caption was short and a bit cryptic.

Cryptic in the sense that she seems to be just thanking him and saying that it was a very special experience, but her not sharing beyond that is also sharing a lot. You get what I mean? That in-between those simple words speak volumes of unspoken feelings–whether of gratitude, love, disbelief, doubt, admiration, etc. Those unspoken feelings that need not exist in words, but it’s a special understanding between the two of them alone. As Maymay also said to the press, there are things between only her and Edward, and that they are not obliged to share it in Social Media.

Drop mic!

If there’s one thing I love about these kids, they keep their privacy a priority, too. So whatever they have, that’s theirs. Whatever they share, then we’ll take it.

Anyhow, going back to the September 14 answer. One Twitter user wondered why of all memorable dates Maymay can give (Grand Winner date, album launch, movie launch, etc), it’s that she decided to answer. There’s a lot of possible answers, but I’ll subscribe to the one that favors the point of this post the most, of course. Haha! It’s possible that she wanted to please the fans, but I believe it’s also likely that if she was answering as fast as she needed to (because there was an influx of questions and she had a time frame to keep), this date was on the top of her head, too. Meaning, her kilig is also on the top of her head right now. It’s the condition of her heart that waved out of that private space she made for her and Edward alone, at least this once.

So was it a Freudian slip? Maybe.
Well, it could be anything, but then, truth is relative.

As a fan, I’ll take it.

What makes this all the more amusing is the fact that at least I got to analyze Maymay’s heart after a long while. Where is her heart now that they are outside the house? With all the care and attention she is subjected to by the one and only Edward John Barber, is she still in doubt? Still insecure? Or is she making steps towards opening her door to a possibility now, and not later, in that undecided, blurred tomorrow fate can promise them?

Well, let me count the ways. Take it slow my babies. Slowly, but surely.

Day 278: 10.05.2017

So MW had an interview in which they answered questions from TFC (The Filipino Channel) viewers. One of the question went: On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), gaano niyo na kakilala ang isa’t-isa?


Edward said 45 in jest (lol), but then seriously answered confidently, 10. Maymay, on the other hand, said 8.5 which Edward retaliated quite vocally. Hahaha!


Alright. I felt a bit sorry for Edward since it’s apparent that he and Maymay are not on the same page at some point, which is how much they know about each other already. It’s only natural, of course, that no matter how close we are to a person, we can’t know everything about another person. I believe that even long-time spouses would have something they keep only to themselves. So technically, I agree with Maymay. While Edward sulked about this, reminding Maymay that they’ve known each other for more than a year but she didn’t answer the same as he did, Maymay explained that she believes that it is only the circumstance of living under the same roof that two people really know each other completely. Quite amusing that at this point, I think Maymay’s train of thoughts seem to be trailing to a different direction (perhaps a romantic one, she was getting kilig about it) while Edward was still figuring out what went wrong in that equation about them knowing each other really well, equally whether as friends or something more. Haha! To add, Maymay said, “Dapat pahabain (ang pagsasama pa)” with a giggle which finally made Edward smirk in agreement, and somehow I think he jumped train on Maymay’s thoughts  And my dear boy definitely approved, finally.


Anyhow, the difference in the response reflects on the current relationship the two has as friends who are opposite in personality: the introvert (Edward) and the extrovert (Maymay).


Edward: 10


Edward had always been vocal about his fascination of Maymay from PBB up to present. He told Marco “Gusto ko siya.” referring to liking Maymay’s spunk and personality right off the bat of PBB teens. In retrospect, isn’t this the “spark” he translate love at first sigh to be? I think we shouldn’t be limiting the definition of love as “romantic” in that term, this should be for friendship as well, especially I agree with Ed’s definition of a “spark” (the feeling that something clicks and connect between two people during first meeting). He said he has never met anyone like Maymay (pertaining to her craziness) and he appreciates the fact that he can comfortably be crazy with her. He said there’s never a dull moment with Maymay, it’s always a laugh, and he admires her genuinity. The fondness is definitely there, and when an introvert is fond of something or someone, the entire attention can be devoted to it. Being the more reserved kind, introverts observe closely and can be choosy to the people they open their hearts to. So when Edward said, he’s closer to Maymay than he had been to his best friend of three years, he means it. Well, they’ve been together everyday for more than a year from PBB up to present. We know that he has few close friends and it’s obvious who are the people he chose to keep in his life because he’s vocal about it. So I guess even though he’s also gradually increasing his network of connections in showbiz, it is not as big as Maymay can easily make it, but then for an introvert that’s still fine because a few close friends is enough to satisfy him in terms of company. Director Giselle Andres of Loving In Tandem described Edward as having a very big heart who can look into people really well, so for Edward to choose Maymay over all his friends (and girls), there must be something very special about her because Edward sees it, and he treasures it. So of course, when you’re so attached to a person because you like them so much, you cannot help but expect that they feel the same way, right? I get this because I’m also an introvert like Edward (I’m actually an ambivert, but I’m usually 60% more introverted than extroverted), and I’ve been through the same disappointment at some point in my life with my best friend. Haha! So my advise to Edward is not to take it to heart. Though he’s smart and sensitive, so I know he won’t take it against Maymay. But I also know he’ll secretly feel a bit bad about it, too. Awww!



Maymay: 8.5


What I appreciate about Maymay is that she had always been honest and sound in reason of her choices. She is not language smart, but she is emotionally and intrapersonally. This is the reason she can easily build rapport and friendship easily to different kinds of people. She has become a darling of the crowd in the fandom, amongst showbiz personalities and behind-the-scene figures, and all she had to do was to keep it real. And boy, keeping real takes a lot of guts, but that’s Maymay’s nature. Indeed, she is blessed. I’m pretty sure her network of connection is massive despite keeping it under radar. I have this feeling that some showbiz personalities are tagging her name to theirs because she’s the unexpected “it girl” at present. Nonetheless, I can vouch for the likableness of this girl, and with this likableness, Maymay has plenty of friends, in and outside of showbiz. So, unlike Edward who possibly dotes on her because his attention gravitates towards her (not to mention they are always together, and she is his emotional bridge to rubbing elbows with big personalities from the industries and uncomfortable situations), Maymay is able to give attention to Edward when they are together, but she can probably give the same weight of attention and affection on anyone she meets, thus, people are easily comfortable towards her. In PBB, she was given merits for this personality of hers and has saved her from ever being nominated. So it is really possible that she doesn’t know Edward as much as he knows her. But actually, I think Maymay really thinks that it is impossible to ever really know 100% of a person unless they are living under the same roof. Technically, they have lived under the same house for several months, but since there were other housemates, Edward could not get Maymay’s undivided attention. Isn’t it the reason he’s called Mr. Jell? He’s clingy, friend or boyfriend because he chooses carefully the people he will give attention to. And probably, if Maymay did give the question a romantic tone to it, she’s pertaining to marriage. One can only learn deeper about another person if they get married and live under the same roof. Now that’s a special attention she can give because that person would be her spouse. But for now that there are no labels to whatever she and Edward have, her attention and connection with people will not pause for Edward. And Edward would just have to live with it. At least for now. 🙂


Well, the dynamics of these kids are indeed very intriguing. More importantly, their personalities, despite the differences, still compliments each other. Maymay has one incredibly supportive and caring friend in Edward in his deep fondness of her, while Edward has an equally supportive and caring friend in Maymay with perks of high energy that can pull him out of his shell he tends to occasionally settle into, probably. On the other hand, I hope Edward doesn’t become too emotionally dependent on Maymay. He’s doing some solo works now (and I hope more too), and I’m happy for him because he’s coming out of his shell on his own. Maymay did a great job scaffolding for him, so he’s gotta help himself now. Nonetheless, I’d still love to see more of this dynamic duo. Indeed, Maymay and Edward are strong individually, but together they are incredible. Somehow, I feel that things are moving too fast for them and I hope it doesn’t overwhelm them too much, so I just pray for continuous guidance and good health for these incredible kids.





Day 274: 10.01.2017


I finished all my drafts for the Developmental Reports and actually made progress with my UPOU requirements (although I really suck at productivity for this subject, swear.)

Yesterday was the Star Magic Ball and it was MayWard’s first time!

Maymay was GORGEOUS. She wore a white, sparkly ball gown with her hair sleek, straight black with light-make up. Very simple, but the impact was amazing. Everyone agreed that she was a head-turner. She kind of reminded me of Pocahontas in a ball gown because of her long, black hair and pouty lips.

Edward, the prince charming, glued his hands to Maymay’s waist for probably the duration of the night. I’m sure it wasn’t the case, but in all pictures, that’s what we all saw. Possessive much? Well, the guy knows how stunning his partner was, gotta proclaim what’s his boldly, right? My lad was dapper in a black three-piece suit. Very Kingsman, I love it!

Though in formal occasions, I think unless guys go for a bolder color (like Daniel Padilla) or add an unorthodox detail to their suit (like Nikko), they all pretty much look the same, so the fuss is always with the women.

Oh! Today is the start of Edward’s stint as a VJ for Myx for the whole month of October.

YAY! So damn excited for this because with the boy’s natural eloquence, hosting or VJ-ying suits him very much, aside from acting. I’m sure he’ll also do well as a public speaker, which I hope he will do soon. With their foundation and his background of helping charities, he should be a youth ambassador of compassion and confidence. One time, he was asked about his experience about bullying, and I swear, it was like an extemporaneous speech.


Day 267: 09.24.2017

Today is the last day for voting for the PUSH Awards. I’m really vouching for Edward to win as Push Newcomer. If MayWard wins as Tandem of the Year, then I think that’s a struck of luck. I mean, our fandom is up against fandoms already well-established in the industry for more than a year unlike MayWard which only became official six months ago.

For now, the important thing is we’re fighting. Despite my despise for slow-loading websites, I asked for 30 accounts plus my 3 accounts to help in voting just to support my babies. The rest is up to the tally.

Seriously, I’ve never been this active in a fandom before. Local fangirling surely is a lot of work. Phew!


Day 264: 09.21.2017

Seriously, local fandom definitely eats a lot of my time.

I mean, when I fangirl for my Japanese and Korean groups, I basically just rely on pictures, videos, and other goodies from other fans, then I turn off the net and I’m good. However, as my current fandom is in the Philippines, then I realize how busy being a fangirl locally is. There’s the voting in various polls and sites, buying magazines and newspapers they are featured in, watching their TV shows and movies, and basically anything to support their career, and of course, see more of them because that’s our entertainment.

So now, the MayWard fandom is busy voting for the Push Awards 2017. I’ve been hearing about this awards for years now, but of course I never gave much care for it until I got involved with this fandom.

This year, MW is nominated for Tandem of the Year and individually for Best Newcomer. The MW groups have decided to dedicate their votes for Edward since we want more recognition for him, and knowing full well that Maymay wouldn’t mind the least. During the Big Night, the same thing happened when we knew full well that Maymay was up against Kisses. As casual viewers and fans alike knew that Maymay had a bigger chance to bag the Big Winner prize, many chose to give their vote to Maymay instead of Edward since he was secured in the Big Four anyway. In my case, I still voted for both of them. It’s up to us, really. In this case, I’m voting for Edward because I agree that he needs more recognition. And I think his performance in LIT is enough to have this award given to him. That was definitely a breakthrough performance for a newcomer. On the other hand, I also think Maymay deserves the award since she also did great in LIT, she has hit songs, she performs well, and she’s graced the covers of various magazines, not to mention she’s a darling of the crowd, but this is precisely the reason why I want Edward to bag this award. I believe that this recognition will give him more opportunities as Edward, not just as Maymay’s partner. Yes, MayWard is amazing together, but I also want to see them individually strong, and only because I know they could. And I don’t want him to be overshadowed by Maymay because I know he has potential for other things. He just needs more confidence. I think being a VJ or hosting will fit him since he’s very eloquent. Singing or dancing maybe nah. And of course, more acting for the kid! I hope he tries theater here in the future, too. I’ll surely watch that.

For the Tandem of the Year, I’m not expecting much. Our fandom is up against KathNiel, LizQuen, JaDine and McLisse which are fandoms much earlier than us. With McLisse and JaDine, we might have a chance, but KathNiel and LizQuen? These pairs probably have fans quadruple of the ones we have as their followers grew over the years. So if it’s just for voting power, I think we’re up with big bosses. Nonetheless, we fight as we can.

Voting ends on Sunday, hope we win! Cheers for MayWard and Edward!

Day 263: 09.20.2017

As they say, some things are sweeter the second time around. Indeed.

It’s very unlikely of me to watch a movie twice at the cinema because it’s costly (actually, I only watch a movie at the cinema when it’s action to relish the special effects and sounds from the movie, or often I just wait for the DVD copy), but I was craving for Loving in Tandem so much, I just had to.

The first time I watched this movie at the Block Screening, I think I was not able to relish the lines and scenes very much because I was in hardcore fangirling mode with my co-fans. So you know, emotions were too high to actually analyze details.

Good thing that Glorietta 4’s cinema was small, so the screen was pretty close and I was able to closely examine facial expressions. On the other hand, I’d still prefer that I was a bit further from the screen since I had to tilt my head a bit and the light was kind of glaring.

Anyhow, I’m very glad to find out that my impression of the movie did not change after the second viewing. I mean, I was scared that I’d be lukewarm to it later because my favor for it the first time was caused by the hype of the BS, but nope. It’s actually got better.

Story-wise, I have no qualms about the film. I really love the theme about home and being a prisoner, even in your own home. It got me thinking about the Philippine culture about filial piety and a child’s obligation to his/her family. As family, it is our responsibility to help our family member. In the Philippines, sacrificing for one’s family is venerated because it aligns to the teachings of Catholicism; like Christ, one can sacrifice for the sake of his/her loved one. However, how do we love our family right? When are we allowed to stop with our obligation and focus on ourselves, too? Compassion is good, but to let others be dependent on your help is not helpful at all. You let yourself be a slave of their needs, and instead of teaching them stand by themselves, you simply carry them on your back, even if they are completely able to walk on their own.

Seriously, that confrontation scene between Luke (Edward) and (Shine) about that topic will always blow me away, probably, even if I watch it again and again and again. The lines, Edward’s delivery of it, belisima!

Speaking of Edward, there were redeeming parts of him from this second viewing. That first window scene when he just came to the Philippines, the first time I watched it, I guess I was adjusting to his acting too. This time, I felt his anger, his sadness, his loss better of being in a place he couldn’t connect even if everybody was forcing him to call it “home”. The angry scene when he found out about Shine’s secret was still a bit lacking though, unfortunately.

Anyhow, Loving in Tandem, indeed is a good movie. Simple, but the story hits you home.

Again, congratulations, LIT Team!

Day 257: 09.14.17

I definitely have a hangover of MayWard because of “Loving in Tandem”. These two have really gone a long way and as a fan I’m so happy they are receiving the recognition they deserve!

Today, they went on Magandang Buhay again. I think I had a previous post about MW being in this morning talk show and how much I love the way they are treated individually in this show. Even as a love team, the questions are usually about their partnership, not about pushing them to be lovers.

Maymay was interviewed with her brother, Vincent. They were asked about their close relationship. Meanwhile, Edward was interviewed about being a friend, and his best friend in Germany, Luke and about his grandfather. I love how the individual interviews highlighted other side of them, as siblings and as friends. As a fan, I closely follow everyday posts about these two, but the posts are usually about the “kilig”, about the possibility of being them. I’d be happy if they would be an item in the future, but I think now, especially the movie, it’s better if they would be raved about their skills and teamwork more than anything.

Again, congratulations, Edward and Maymay!

Day 256: 09.13.17


“Loving in Tandem” (LIT) was actually, really lit!


When Edward said that the movie is a “small movie with a big heart” I thought it was an exaggeration. I mean, how many actors have promoted their film the same way only to prove that it’s really not how they talk it to be? I guess, as this is Edward speaking, he speaks the truth and nothing but the truth. Haha.

Alright, since my head is still raving over my experience of the movie, let me put these thoughts in categories: acting, characterization, theme, execution of ideas in motion.



I’m starting with this category since I watched the film for the actors playing the lead. I usually would pass watching a rom-com in a theater because watching in a cinema is expensive, so only movies big on sound and visual effects do I spend on a movie, but since this is in support of my babies, gora!

I’m not kidding, but I wasn’t surprised at how the kids faired in acting. I mean, I would’ve been surprised if they acted bad in this movie despite the “first movie naman eh” handicap. Part of my strong support for MW is because they are worthy to be supported with the natural skills they have for acting and because I know they work so hard to be better at their craft.

So, how did they fare? I’d give them a standing ovation.

Overall, hands down to Maymay for bringing life to the movie. Like how she is inside Kuya’s house, the scene lights up every time she’s in the frame. May it be a humorous, dramatic, or romantic, she nailed the delivery of lines, the comic timing, the nuances, the expressions, everything. She was very natural. Compared to how she was in the live drama in PBB, the workshops ABS-CBN provided and her experience in La Luna Sangre definitely helped her achieve the skills required for the movie, and of course with the help of a good director and experienced co-actors (and a very smart, caring, and supportive partner, yes? Hehe.)

Edward, on the other hand, hands down to this kid’s dramatic prowess. LECHE! HAHA! I mean, there were some scenes which made me go “hmmmm” on Ed’s acting, especially in scenes which required him being angry (this is probably the most difficult for him because he doesn’t seem to be the type to get angry, more on the sad or depress part, maybe), but the sad, confrontational scenes, OH MY GOSH. I didn’t cry like the others, but when he delivered the lines about “home” and about being a “prisoner”, I was touched. Like, legit. His acting, his emotions are very deep for such a young, young man as he is. Probably because he feels so much. So despite Maymay bagging the overall performance, Edward’s dramatic scenes blew everyone away that they are still on equal ground here.

As partners, that bond they have for each other was felt through the movie. As fans, we know that MayWard works because they help each other grow to be better people, to be better actors. Their chemistry had always been there, but it was intensified and validated through Shine and Luke.

And kudos to Ryan Bang as every scene he appeared got me laughing in stitches. I didn’t expect that. The boy is a natural comic!



In the beginning, I was confused as to why the title had “tandem” in it. I thought it was in connection to Kisses and Marco as the second love team. Although I’m not the biggest fan of the title (I find it baduy, to be honest), but it works for the story and the characters.

Shine and Luke are typical characters. Their love and family story are also typical, but their characters were given depth, and this depth reflected in the movie so well. Shine, gave Luke’s gloomy days in the Philippines brightness, thus the name, eh? The words shine and  brightness are also associated to light which is also associated to enlightenment. Luke was able to patch up with his family because of Shine’s help, being enlightened on the positive side of his new reality, and how the home he was so desperate to go back to was already there. On the other hand, Shine, whose brightness conceals the pain she goes through for her family, is helped by Luke to “look” (lol) into herself. Luke helped her reflect upon the meaning of love, not only romantically, but more importantly about her love for family and especially about herself. That’s why they are a tandem because they worked together to solve each other’s problems, as well as bring happiness to each other in the proces.

I was happy that by the end of the movie, all the questions I had about Luke and Shine were answered, so the ending (my deal breaker) was very satisfying. Of course, big bonus were the kilig scenes! AYIIEEE!



The movie has several themes about family, the idea of home and belonging, love in different forms, and being a “prisoner”. Amongst all, the “prisoner” theme surprised me the most. What I thought was just a punch line in the movie was actually an important theme, especially for the characters.

When MW shared that Shine and Luke were opposite in personality, I was skeptical. Luke and Shine were basically Maymay and Edward in different names and background, and yes, the two are indeed opposite in many ways too, but what’s apparent with the differences in their characters is that while Luke is fine being alone as long as he is able to break free from the life that he doesn’t want, which in the process causes him to be angry and cold to his family, Shine is willing to smile and stay in a place that actually imprisons her because of obligations to her family. Luke is set on establishing an identity for himself by going to a place where he knows he belongs, with or without family, while Shine has already forgotten to love herself for the love of family.



I gotta hand it to Direk Giselle for doing such a good job in directing this movie. The humor, drama, romance were all on point. With a good story to boot, the characters, the setting, and the details of the story all came alive with the help of a good executioner in film. Transition of scenes, camera work, acting, special effects, great job! As Direk Rory Quintos said, “a new director is born”. YAY! And she seems so young, wow. Looking forward to more films from you, Direk Giselle Andres.


So there. Definitely a small film with a big heart, as Edward said. The story is simple, but honest. The issues in the film are real, painful, and existing in real life, so it is relatable especially to Filipinos, but the way it was delivered was very true to its genre of romantic-comedy with a bear hug of slice-of-life elements.

Must watch! Congratulations to the whole LIT team!


Rating: 5/5 🌟