Day 296: 10.29.2017

To mend my stressed heart due to the exam yesterday, I basically just lazed around the whole day until dinner time to meet with my family. Dad’s back in the country for a month-long vacation and this is our first time to meet and have a family dinner since he landed on the 25th. Of course, my two cute nephews were automatically in my care since 1) I love them so much 2) I love my brother so I’m helping him out because these two are so much to manage 3) because I missed them!

The older one, Miguel (5) is more mature now. From the spitting dragon of a kid, he now really listens, I can have a longer conversation with him, and since he goes to school, he’s basically a student for me. LOL. It’s strange that I my teacher-switch is turned on automatically whenever there are small kids around me. And I swear, if only I can lecture my brother and his wife about the way they spoiled their younger one and how we can work on his executive function (wtf), I would’ve. If I can.

I can, technically, but you see, my brother is like the game Minesweeper. Just when you think things are okay with him, he suddenly explodes, like those mine in the game. And I rather not deal with that, thank you very much.

Anyhow, tweaked a bit of my fic and then made this as my project teaser:

There’s a Twilight Zone vibe to it which I like and kinda fits the story, so yay!


Day 239: 08.31.17

It’s always sad to say goodbye to someone you have grown to love even for a short while.

Today, we said our final goodbye to Ali, one of the children in my current class. We made him a Friendship book and some posters then presented it in class.

Honestly, he looked confused as to what was happening and as to why he had presents when his birthday finished already, but I’m sure it will click to him eventually.

Almost teared up saying goodbye as he and his mom rolled down the window of the car for the last bye and thank you.

Haaaay. The heart of a teacher.😔

Day 227: 08.19.17

Today marks the start of my student life again.

Well, of course, we’re all students until we die, but I’m literally enrolled in a course for the next three months.

Hopefully, this will be the last subject I’d have to take to be able to get a license exam for teachers in March. Of course, I hope I pass.

I’m not sure what I’ll actually gain from having a license at this age, but I guess I’ll realize it eventually. Hopefully, it’s a ticket for me to have a job in another country. I still want to be a teacher, believe it or not. I think I’m stuck with this job, and I’m fine with it.

Well, good luck to me! Tomorrow will be my officially crunch day because Saturday is no-work day for me, remember?


Day 209: 08.01.17


Haaaay, and it ended pretty well.

I have a big class at the very beginning of the school year. Quite intimmidating frankly, since I’m the senior teacher now between my partner and I, there’s a lot of kids to handle, and my set of parents this year seem to be quite particular and knit-picky.

With my new partner, Micah, I just hope I’m communicating well to her that we are partners, so things don’t always have to come my way. I just know a bit more, but then fresh ideas are always welcome. She’s a smart and creative girl, I’ve observed, but she seems to, how to say, mild? I hope I’m not intimidating her.

Well, no crying and everyone was still in a good mood until the end of classes, so good job today, self!

Day 167: 06.20.17

Incident Reports + Merry AT

When there’s no issues or crying during Arrival Time, I take it as a miracle. LOL

Arrival Time (in the morning) was like a walk in the park. Our usual crying children were in great spirits and no separation anxiety of any sort. However, come Gym time, one student kicked another kid near the eye, the other kid exaggerating the pain, another one got hit on the eye as well by accident and his father happens to be the overprotective one.

Incident Reports are never easy to convey to parents, so I’m just glad that they weren’t any big reactions to the incidents.

I swear, I love being a teacher, but I’m afraid I’m going to become bald by the time I finish this school year.


Day 166: 06.19.17

We had our Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) for one of our new students today. I wrote an entry about that overprotective father, so I felt the need for a personal meeting regarding his limitations and clearing out the program’s intention and goals was necessary as soon as possible.

The meeting was almost two hours long (right after class, so no chance to eat lunch or recharge at least) and 80% of the meeting was dominated by the father, so what did we achieve after it? Well, all in all, I was glad to have that meeting since the health and safety issue were laid out clearly though it was still unclear how to go about his issues with physical injuries. I mean, in our school, children get physically hurt all the time. Though we set rules and limitations to them, the risk will always be present and they learn through their mistakes. He wanted to rubberized the edges of all shelves in the classroom and have the walls padded in case his son bumps into them. He was already anticipating the worst that can happen to a child without thinking the learning opportunities a risk actually opens to a child. He even lectured us about preventive and corrective measures like we, as educators, were not aware of.

I can never understand the kind of protectiveness a parent would have over their child, but I can sympathize and empathize at least. However, as an educator, as the parent in the classroom, I know how to protect my children in a way that they learn and still be safe without overly limiting their exploration, mental or physical wise.

To be honest, despite my adoration to his kid, I am not entirely comfortable having him as a parent. He seems to be the type to sue a teacher if his kid gets into an accident despite it not being our fault.

At the end of the day, I just felt so exhausted I wanted to get leave the world and be somewhere else, like in a movie world. As usual, my go-to light movie is “Kimi ni Todoke”, so I watched some parts of it before sleeping.


Day 145: 05.26.17

It’s the Year-end Celebration!

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

My babies are mighty handsome and pretty today!

No tears (only a bit!) with these bunch, but lots of hugs, kisses, and see you laters.

I know I’m not going to see a lot of these kids again, and that’s sad, but I just really wish them good luck and for them to enjoy their new schools as much as they did with us.

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Dressed up with a vintage feel today.

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I’m mighty thankful to these beautiful ladies for making my first year in school bearable, laughter-filled, and meaningful.

Cheers to everyone and congratulations!

Day 144: 05.25.17

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I was expecting this day to be as emotionally charged as yesterday since I was so down about the need to say goodbye to these kids, but I guess that was that. Fortunately?

The day was kind of hectic, chaotic, and confusing. Nonetheless, that is our normal day in the classroom. So instead of a teary, sentimental last day of class, I was given a last taste of classroom life with these bunch of kids.

To Ian, Aditi, Jelaena, Harper, Divit, William, Jose, Yooni, Szofia, Hanna, Valery, Kandhan, Daichi, Pau, and Seung Kyu (who did not come to school anymore huhu), and of course to my partner-in-crime and pride, Geli, THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY FIRST YEAR AS A PRESCHOOL TEACHER WORTH WHILE.

It was a year full of challenges and stress, but I know that each time I’m able to survive and triumph over them, I grow a bit more as a teacher and as a person.

I love each and everyone of you. Even if you don’t remember us in the future, I know I always would. ❤

Day 143: 05.24.17

Detach, detach, detach.

That’s what I’m trying to command myself now, but I guess it’s too late to demand it just now.

The school year started with me just hoping to be a good teacher: one who is able to manage class fine, make instructional materials fine, and instruct fine. I didn’t pursue to be a great teacher, I was fine just learning the ropes and getting by.

We started with eight children, but now we are 15. Our class grew along with my attachment to these children.

I didn’t expect to care for the welfare of these children so much. I didn’t expect to be so analytical of their behavior just so we can help them feel comfortable and happy in class, and of course to aid what they need in every domain we can tap on as teachers. I didn’t expect to love the hugs, kisses, and even the oddity of my kids. I didn’t expect that I would miss them when they’re absent in class, even if in the previous days I was chasing them to clean up their mess, nagging on following the rules, and scolding them for being too noisy. I didn’t expect that I would be this attached to these group of little dinosaurs that made up our miniature Jurassic Park.

I didn’t expect that I would care so much, and would cry so much now that it’s really sinking in, that tomorrow is the last day of class.

Technically, it’s on Friday, but that’s already an event, and tomorrow is the last official day that we’ll have our usual schedule in the classroom; always a rollercoaster of emotions, but ultimately of love in our everyday classroom.

Today, I was sitting on the bench during outdoor play and witnessed how one of our students who would usually hit a peer when aggravated guided up his peer when the other fell on the pavement, and then even asked him if he was fine. These boys do not play often, but to see a picture of emphathy, I thought, ah, I’m seeing a new side of him. It’s probably a side of him I won’t see very often anymore and that was sad too.

Another student I talked to cried. When I asked him why, he said it’s because we only have 2 more days of school. He said he would miss playing with his friends, and he’ll miss the school. I comforted him by saying that he can always invite his friends to his house and a lot of them would be going to the big school he would soon. He said he didn’t like that school and would like to stay in our school for 500 more days. I reminded him of the time that he also didn’t like our school and refused to come inside, so it’s possible that it would be the same for him in his next school. But he just kept on crying, insisting that we have more days in school. I almost cried with him.

Another student gave me a thank you card, and I almost choked because of tears that wanted to come that time. But I was scolding another student too. The stark contrast in situation, believe it or not, I adore as well.

I received many hugs today, but I think I didn’t give as much. So tomorrow I will take my chance and really make them feel my love. Though gosh, I really hope to keep in the waterworks!