Day 139 – 2018.19.05

Belated happy birthday, Vinny!

Ever since collage, I’ve been happily adopted by my bestfriend’s small circle of friends from the college of arts, even until now!

Somehow, every time we meet in one of her friend’s house, we find ourselves watching strange films? Well, it’s kind of a guilty pleasure actually. Japan is so fascinating and strange, maji de.

I have no words for this movie, but I recommend watching “Shimboru”. GO AHEAD.


Day 138 – 2018.18.05

Went out with Mao on a Friday because she wanted to have the Coco Milktea in Uptown. This is a famous milktea shop in Taiwan which we, strangely, forgot to stop over when we were there last year.

Well, I didn’t want any cold milktea that time anyway, it was freezing!

Anyhow, a night out with my bestfriend is also a good time to vent out some steam from work. I just proposed to the entire staff that I’ll take care of the uniform for next year just because I don’t find the Uniqlo shirts practical for the uniform. Moreover, the price is waaaaaaaaaay over the top for a uniform–we are going to pay for–so what the fuck.

That was freakin bold of me, and I was actually prepared for it. I didn’t mean to put my boss on the spot, but her bypassing our opinion about it is also disrespectful to us. So, I can probably asses this as a situation she brought upon herself.

I just hope I can actually get this project in motion. And I have a feeling she’s going to target my class for this. Guuuugh. I’ll gear up for battle just in case.

Day 137 – 2018.17.05

Continuing with my class’ Memory Book, we had the kids draw a picture of the teachers since we did not have any printed ones prepared. It was also a fascinating exploration of how the children perceived us.

To be honest, I kind of have an agenda to this because I wanted to see how the kids will draw me. I’m not the popular teacher in class because I’m the bad cop, but I still insisted on witnessing how true this is.

Well. OUCH.

Majority of my students evidently drew my partner in fancier clothes, bigger sizes, and evidently with more color. Obviously, they like her over me and they’re pretty vocal about it.

I’d like to suspend my emotions on this since I was determined from the beginning of the school year that I have the upper hand with the discipline and I’m bound to be hated because of it. This all rooted from last year’s experience of being too lenient and concerned about being liked, so I opted for a firmer personality this year. However, I failed to repeatedly take into consideration that these kids this year are the more affectionate ones, so me going too strict on them was not a very effective and affective strategy in managing the class. In terms of management, I think I was pretty consistent, but I think at some point, I lost the personal connection which is integral to children.

Indeed, I sacrificed this aspect to have my class well-managed somehow as much as I could, but since we’re almost done with the school year, perhaps I can make it up to them. I want them to have a good memory of me, at least. I’m not vying for the favorite position, my partner earned that pretty well (I like her a lot too!), but at least have them feel that I was tough on them, but it all came from a place of love and care.

I’m somehow having pre-year end nostalgia. *sigh*

Day 136 – 2018.16.05

It’s the first time I saw my partner that annoyed because of my boss. Haha! And she’s such a soft spoken person in general. LOL

Have I rubbed on her? Ohmy. If she would have picked up something from me, I hope it’s having the courage to stand up for what she thinks is right and what she knows is right, even if the enemy is the owner of the school. Haha.

Day 135 – 2018.15.05

I just doooooooooooooon’t understand the point of changing uniforms every year. Why my boss insists on this and often pushes on very expensive brands for a mere uniform eludes me.

I have tried my best to avoid conflicts with her this past half year, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to on Friday when we discuss it.


Day 134 – 2018.14.05

“Thor: The Dark World” (4/5 stars)

I wasn’t a big fan of the first Thor movie (I slept through the first half of it), but I do adore Ragnarok, so I thought why not watch the second one and it will settle the score, yeah?

Based on my rating, I would say I enjoyed this sequel. Since I was groggy through the first movie, I dare say that this is better than the first one. There’s more background to Loki’s character, motivations, and his love-hate with Thor.

The villains in this movie, I would say, are pretty bad ass. That liquid power is something else. I kinda wonder if they have a change to damage Thanos if they were never defeated in this movie.

I have nothing much to say for this movie, but it was entertaining, it delivered a good amount of background for the Odin family, and there’s a lot of action involved. So yeah, good job!

Day 132 – 2018.12.05

I’m not sure what came over me today, but I have a drive for productivity to accomplish work-related tasks. Next week will be quite busy for me with tutor work since I’ll also be in charge of my tutee’s brother, so I’m just trying to accomplish as much as I can today.

In other news, finally got to watch “Spiderman: Homecoming”. I’m catching up on the movies tied with the Marven Cinematic Universe, so after this, I’ll watch the Captain American movies even if I’ve never been fond of this character.


Spiderman of this universe is definitely different from the previous Spiderman movies which I think is actually awesome. We’ve seen the Spiderman of that movie turn dark, so I think we need a fresh start for Peter Parker, especially inject it with more humor.

The Peter Parker of this universe is a high school student, still very smart, and the setting takes place after Civil War, so he’s affiliated with Stark Industries, knows about the aliens, etc. Actually, one thing that I appreciate about the Marvel Cinematic Universe is how the individual movies are tied in together, so we see an aftermath and in-betweens of each big movie (Avengers). With this also lies the importance of watching all the movies of the MCU if you’re a fan.

I read one review of Homecoming which points out that the film should have included the part when Peter was bitten by the spider which turned him into Spiderman. For me, I think it was good to leave that out already since the origin story is the same, and if you’re watching Homecoming for Spiderman, then you’re probably a fan of the previous movies or the character itself even from the comics. I think it’s better to devote minutes of the film into developing the hero and person character with the conflicts and how this development will play out, eventually, for the next Avengers movies. Also, the lack of Uncle Ben and his death, takes out the darker motivations Peter will develop in the original story. I think the writers want a fresh take on Peter here and just really play him out as a(nnoying) teenager who wants to explore his capabilities, use it to help others, and in the grand scale help out as a superhero along with the other Avengers.

At some parts of the movie, I kind of wanted to whack Peter in the head because of his growing arrogance, so I love the presence of Tony Stark as a father/mentor figure who puts him in place when needed. It’s also quite ironic because Tony had always been the super arrogant one, but here he’s injecting some life advice to the kid who acts like him. Though I’ve fallen in love with Thor in Ragnarok and Infinity War, Ironman will always have a special place in my heart. Tony’s eccentricity will always tickle me fancy.

“Spiderman: Homecoming” (5/5)

Day 131 – 2018.11.05

Friday isn’t any better in the classroom, so I just shouted to the heavens fuck it and let the day continue as it is with my nerves wrecking me out in the process. To be fair, I think it’s not just my patience wearing thin or the kids’ killing me with their enlarged horns, but I think my period is about to begin so my hormones modified my view of the world as predatory and is about to get me.

Being a woman is scary, bitch.

Anyhow, another out with colleagues today! Wohoo!

We went to Scholastics warehouse to check out the sale. I was kind of dreading this because as much as I love books, I didn’t want to spend too much.

Did I…spend too much? Well, yes? No?

Okay, so I bought two picture book for my kids in the classroom, two YA novels for me, and two teacher reference books for my tutor work with a grand total of 550 pesos. Not bad, eh? I plan to go back next payday to buy a few more reference books. I need more of that. I’m a teacher after all. Haha!

At my colleague’s home, I was drooling more over books because they have a big bookshelf (my dream!)! I totally giggled when I saw they have a complete set of “The Little Book of Stories”.

I’ve been reading these small (but expensive) books in Fullbooked secretly and I love reading the short, but strong narratives. Of course, I immediately asked to borrow them!

One of our main agenda for the night was karaoke! When my co-teacher said they have a karaoke at home, I think she missed the part that it’s inside their theater room.


Day 130 – 2018.10.05


I thought I’d finish this week without getting my horns out for the kids, but I did. I even used that tone where you punctuate your words for emphasis. I WANT TO CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

Good thing my colleagues and I are set to go out for dinner today, so that’s great. There was a little bit of awkwardness because of a recent issue I have with a colleague, but as I said before, I’ll just try my best to ignore it.

The water and light show was great, but the company will always be better. 🙂

Day 129 – 2018.09.05

Today is a busy day, but I feel like a bee, so I’m buzzing around my co-teachers to get some things done for our event on the 30th. I’m not the coordinator of this event, but my leadership trait (as an Aries, I guess) is kicking in so bad that I feel like I’m hauling tasks to everyone. I did give them the permission to kick me in the face when I’m getting too bossy, so if they don’t say anything and I’m already being one, then that’s their problem.

Anyhow, later in the day I found a decorative tape that I thought I can use for my class’ “Memory Book”. The design is definitely for kids, but the material of it…NOPE.

It’s like a stretchy fabric-rubber kind which I think is used for wall decorations than paper. The surface is strong enough to protect from scratches, so it’s definitely not for simple scrap booking. No wonder a roll was expensive. Although to be fair, compared to other washi tapes, it’s not that expensive for the size, but I guess for the kind of material it has, this is definitely a treat!

Day 128 – 2018.08.05

Well, well, well. It’s a better day in class today. I really tried my best to shackle my inner demon and be as patient with my class as much as possible. I don’t want to be angry any more than I should be. I really don’t like being angry in the first place, and these are kids. Be more patient, Michelle.

Later in the day, I met with my former co-teachers in my previous school. It’s the same fun atmosphere and I really love these people.

On the other hand, I can’t help but feel a pang of envy.

You see, one of my former co-teachers had been prompted, the other one is still thriving in Singapore (She’s rich now, basically), the other one is going to Japan soon and has finished her master’s degree, and the other one is probably earning more than me with just a few hours of work (while I have to hustle two jobs to earn for myself). So I feel kind of stuck where I am while I’m the oldest of them all. I’m not really sure what I’ve done with my youth that I’m still here.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret what I’ve been through because I know they helped in forging the strength and (somehow) wisdom I have today, but I also can’t help but think that if I’ve been a little more focused, a little more cautious of my future, I could’ve had a good turn somewhere which will lead to a future (present) where I’m living a more comfortable life.


As Keane said, “Everybody’s changing and I don’t feel the same.”

Day 127 – 2018.07.05

To be honest, I’m baffled at the way my kids had been acting up recently. I mean, there had been some tiring days, but today, they just really riled me up to the point I stepped into sarcastic territory.

You see, as a teacher, sarcasm should not be used for kids for two reasons: 1) they don’t understand it, so it’s basically useless and it’s just a waste of energy; 2) they might pick up your tone and words and use it out of context.

This day gives me an ominous feeling of a loooooooooong week ahead.

Day 126 – 2018.06.05

Had one of the strangest and vivid dream last night. It ran like a suspense-thriller movie and I’m clueless as to what triggered the images in my subconscious.


I’m a new hire/trainee in a call center. It was my first day in operations, so I was inputting my info in the computer when one of the employees were on his knees and a person shot him on the head. Apparently, when you lose a call, even despite the traffic, that’s a penalty that earns you death. The whole operations team knows this and seems totally normal, so they were nonchalant about it. Finding myself against this (of course), I talked to the head/chief and said I won’t continue since I haven’t signed any contracts anyway.

Fast forward, I was talking to a very charming gentleman who I guess was the chief. We seem to be on a date? He was charming me into staying, while I was explaining how the company policy did not align with my moral principles. Somehow, there was an emergency and we had to evacuate the place, we were apparently barefoot, so I took his shoes and mine then ran downstairs.

Switch scene, I was given a unique puzzle which connects to each other. I was able to finish it, then it became a pink disney princess wheel that turns with a melody. I found it very pretty, and while I was smiling at it, I felt eyes on me, but I didn’t mind. Suddenly, I woke up in a huge bed with a red spot on my arm. I was in a big room with a high ceiling, tall windows, and everything spelled royalty. Suddenly, a man asked: “How was the cocaine?” Of course, I was terrified, but I didn’t have enough energy to ask for an explanation. At this point, I don’t remember the face of the man, but I remember he’s the same charming gentleman I was talking with in the beginning of the dream. He was very calm, normal of a psycho character, while he continued to speak languidly about how much I enjoyed my “trip” with the puzzle while on coke.

He injected me again.

It seems I woke up in a trance again and I was seeing monsters coming out of refrigerators and then they were chasing me. While I was running outside, someone pointed out that there are five colors coming from the monsters which are from the rainbow. Then I said two more colors and it would come full circle already. I’m not sure what that meant, but perhaps that will be death.

I felt like I was slipping out of my dream, but half of me wanted to see the end of that movie-like state. Alas, the details of the face were slipping out, so I knew I had to wake up already.

Then I did.

Straaaaaaange dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam yo.

Day 125 – 2018.05.05

There’s nothing that I love more than spending time with my favorite people in the world.

It’s rare for us to come together this frequent in a month since we have to coordinate schedules to have a date, so I really treasure today.

The walwal day is yet to happen, but really, ever since we never needed a drop of alcohol to get as rowdy and crazy as we already are. Hahahah!

Day 124 – 2018.04.05


We have a school event today, but my partner is out, there are many parents, the kids are so fidgety because of the change of routine and the presence of their parents, I can’t fully beast mode and then we still have three conferences with parents in the afternoon.



Good to note that today is “Infinity War” day with Geli! Finally! I’ve been dying to watch this movie since I saw a trailer of it when mom and I watched “Black Panther”.

So. Verdict?

I should have known better not to expect too much because the expectation defeats the movie right away. It was a good movie, but not as good as my expectation, of course. Perfection is but an idea, right?

Anyhow, I was surprised that the movie didn’t waste any time establishing any time frame for the movie as Thanos is already in the frame, putting some characters to rest and putting action his goals.

Action was good and there’s some characters who really rose to the occasion and I definitely have a new found love for Thor. He should be the king of the galaxy even without the infinity stones.

Thanos is surprisingly a sympathetic character. He’s not just a destroyer, but his actions are backed-up by acceptable reasons. Well, economically speaking.

The ending was a total cliff-hanger, so I guess I don’t have enough opinions for this to turn into a proper review, more of just an impression.

“Avengers: Infinity War” (4/5 stars)

Day 123 – 2018.03.05

Again, my partner is out so I just tried to be pleasant for everyone because without her, I have to be both a mom and dad to my little dinos. I’m usually the dad, the disciplinarian, of the class and my partner is the mom, so I don’t mind being hated a bit by children who don’t get my brand of love.

Oh well. At least they are flexible enough to reciprocate the pleasantry.

Thank you.

Day 121 – 2018.01.05

So my cousin moved in our house because she has a family problem.

You see, I’m generous with help if I can provide it, as long as my personal space is not jeopardized.


With the circumstance, I have to share my room which serves as my office because we don’t have any other room available. My mom’s solution is just to not mind her and her child while I work, but I’m not the kind of person. I’m kind of a hermit and I’m more at peace without others potentially snooping into my business. In short, this set-up does not sit well with me.

I’ll just be patient for now, but I swear, I’ll find a way around this.