Day 057 – 2018.26.02

So much to think about our upcoming field trip on Wednesday!

I just really really hope no one cries as we’ll be seeing dinosaurs–close to real ones at that.

Anyway, I realized that I like this kind of busy, even if it’s a bit stressful, but work-kind of busy when you’re accomplishing things one by one, it’s good.

On the other hand, I’ve increased my Goodreads challenge from 10 to 20 as I’m already done by mid-Feb. I don’t want my book-reading phase to end soon, so I thought I’d increase the challenge just to get me going for more.

On the other hand, I really really want to continue reading MALEC fics too, so that’s kind of counter-productive to this challenge. LOL.

Oh well!


Day 055 – 2018.24.02

“The Red Sheet” (novel) by Mia Kerick, 4/5 stars

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

And before you go Superman on the world, be vulnerable with yourself and ask if you need help–or even saving–first, then do something about it.

This was a nice read and quite funny and adorable even at some points. There’s a part when I also thought if I’d be able to accept myself when Bryan remembered the truth, so that was a good experience as a reader.

Satisfying ending so 👍 (Goodreads review)


What if one morning, you suddenly wake up with a strong urge to put a red sheet around your neck and bring social justice to the world? It’s great, but that would be pretty weird, especially when you’re the total opposite of Superman in real life.

So that’s basically the catch of this little novel. It was a recommended read after “Falling from the Sky” and thankfully, it was pretty easy to find a copy from the generous web.

Frankly, I’m not very keen on the writing style, but I guess as the narrative was from Bryan, the protagonist, the voice was pretty clear as a window to his personality. Nonetheless, I like stories that tackle the sensitive issue of bullying. I think more than anything, this is what the author wanted to address.

There’s plenty of materials to read regarding victims of bullying like in “Speak” by Laurie Halse Andersen, but there’s not much from the bully’s point of view. I guess the aggressor is not always easy to forgive, much less listen to their reasons for their unkind acts. However, it’s always interesting to hear from both sides of a coin, and there’s always some learning from it.

I think the only story I remember that displays life after the bullying for the bully is “Kimi ni Koe” (Your Voice), and then this.

Bryan has no recollection of what happened to him, why he can’t remember the guy he likes, and what happened in a party on a Saturday night. The book had some funny and adorable moments of Bryan just casually going out of the way to help small furry animals from danger, grumpy old people, and demanding smart recycling for the environment even when he’s so puzzled as to why he’s doing it in the first place.
Then there’s the grimmer side to the story which ultimately also reveals why he was in that state in the first place.

That part is actually pretty serious and if I were Bryan, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to forgive myself too, but of course, it works out in the end because he realized that what happened was a way for him to change his life. On a side note, I think I’m still disturbed of that information and I think Scott should have punished Bryan more. It’s that grave for me.

Ghandi’s “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” was heavily used as theme in this story. Bryan acted as a superman who was bringing social change on a cafeteria table while ironing out relationships and doing small acts of kindness on a daily basis because he felt he needed to, but ultimately, by the end of story when he finally remembered why he felt that way in the first place, he understood why he needed to bring change to his world. His “world” doesn’t have to be the world in general with wars, famine, and oppression from the news, but he can start with his immediate “world”: his life as a son, student, and friend to others, then he’s already making change of a the world at large–being kind, making the right choice of making tough decisions.

Day 054 – 2018.23.02

Back to the Big Bad Wolf sale! WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Well, I missed the array of books on display and gosh I wanted to hunt for more novels, but alas, I was there to buy books for our class. We were given a thousand pesos to buy reference or storybooks that we can use for our classrooms, so the hunt began!

Micah, my partner, and I were able to get some pretty nice books. We went over a bit, but hey, we’d make the sacrifice for our little dinosaurs.

Later, the teachers had dinner and coffee. Great Friday!

Day 053 – 2018.22.02

Probably one of the best thing I love about preschool work is that my brain is thinking creatively all the time. My class can be in peace or chaos at every given minute and the usual songs and routines don’t always work, so I always have to think very fast of a way to get my students’ attention.

When a plan is not working out, I have to think fast of a plan B or C or D to fit the need of the “now” while taking into consideration individual student profile, class profile, instruction, materials, etc. under two minutes!

If thinking in a preschool setting is an exercise physically (and it can be), I’d have abs right now.

Day 052 – 2018.21.02

Sooooooooooooooooooo, I re-arranged my classroom! It’s the first time this year and I’m so glad we pushed through with it.

I mean, we had to since our meeting area was so small already for our growing family that I had to think of a better way to maximize my classroom while thinking of class profile and managing the class efficiently with it.

Interior designing comes with this job, demmet.

As one of my mentors have said before: “Don’t be married to your classroom”. Or your schedule, or your lesson plan. As teachers, we ought to be flexible in thinking and instruction.

Great advise.

Day 051 – 2018.20.02

“As the Stoics have said many times, getting angry almost never solves anything. Usually, it makes things worse. We get upset, then the other person gets upset–now everyone is upset, and the problem is no closer to being solved.”

–“Anger is Bad Fuel”, The Daily Stoic

It’s been a while since I had a fight with my boss. Of course it’s been great, and I thought she’s changing. Well, I think there’s a point in time she did change, but the way she handles her frustrations and fear remains the same.

I’m not gonna go into details, but we got into a fight again. It’s not as bad as the last one we had, but I still got angry, and I got angry at myself for allowing myself to be angry.

Well, the thing is, I’m an open-minded person and I’m willing to take opinions. What I don’t like it being talked to like my opinions don’t matter and an opinion shoved to me like I’m an idiot. So that was basically the drama.

In the end, we were able to apologize to each other actually, but getting angry left a bitter taste in my mouth–as usual. I don’t like being mad because it shakes my core. I’m not used to this emotion. Anger is an alien emotion to me which I feel is parasitic and can cause me to act beyond my control.

I ought to learn how to handle my emotions better in spite of a storm, don’t I?

Day 050 – 2018.19.02

So, as I said, with this MALEC thing and my adoration of Magnus (easily, I love sassy characters), I ought to read “The Bane Chronicles” which is a book dedicated to the stories of Magnus over the centuries.

Honestly, there’s a part of me that wants to know about his entire history and learn his personal tragedies through his point of view, but with my apprehension to discover the “shadow world” in all it’s drama and glory, I wouldn’t know what to do with the additional information about him. Basically, I just wanted to read a few more canon materials about him and Alec.

Fortunately, there’s readily an ebook available and there’s a dedicated section for MALEC which was about their first date and Alec’s birthday.

MALEC first date was entirely different between the book and the TV show and I don’t really know which one I like more. I mean, their first meeting had been different, as well as the “asking out” part.

Magnus had a party in both versions where they first met each other, but in the book, there wasn’t any fighting involved and Magnus was just sharing about his life then he noticed Alec and Alec was attracted to him.

On the book, Alec was thankful to Magnus for saving his life, so he went to Magnus’ house and then asked him out. On TV, it was Magnus who asked Alec out. With Alec’s closeted case, I like the fact that he had the guts to follow his instinct and asked Magnus out in the book. Of course, they would continue to see each other in secret, but I like it that the first step to his freedom (coming out) was of his own accord. Nonetheless, I guess on the TV series, they wanted to show more internal conflict of Alec that Magnus served as conscience to him (season 1).

The first date was definitely more action-filled in the book with a warewolf involved and some making out! I actually really liked the book version because it reveals a lot of of Alec’s personality and insecurity especially about being gay and a virgin. Magnus was still not that into Alec at that point, so we’re able to read his impression of Alec change over the course of the night, from a simple “let’s get this over with” to “I want to get to know you more”. Yes, the make-out sessions were also very nice. The TV version basically used this as a way to iron-out some creases on the beginning of Alec and Magnus’ relationship like Alec being a virgin on everything romance, and well, Magnus being the total opposite of it.

So I guess I wouldn’t need to touch this book anymore than I’d have to. But I wonder if I can ever find a copy of the part of the book when Alec asked Magnus out? Hmmm….

DAY 049 – 2018.18.02


So I basically spent the entire day reading a fanfic. I didn’t mean to–I swear–it’s just that it was such an easy read! The writing style of the author very good and her dialogues are very engaging. I guess MALEC is really creeping up my system too. I mean, I just started getting intrigued by them because they are two very hot guys, but also because flamboyant Magnus is easily my favorite, and more so when he made the grumpy giant Alec stutter like a teenager to his crush.

The chemistry between Harry and Matt was kind of a slow build, so there were times I thought they looked a bit uncomfortable with the acting as lovers. But I guess I got used to their slow kisses and “bro” touches on the shoulder and shy, but sweet touches to the face and neck. I guess I got used to the passion of Isak and Even in Skam that I was looking for the same in Shadow hunters with MALEC.

The contrast in character is actually very nice. While Alec is all for the job, often grumpy and restrained, Magnus is oozing with confidence, freewheeling, and colors all around him. I guess it’s canon that Alec is gay while Magnus is bisexual. With Magnus, Alec shows a softer side of himself, while Magnus, despite his 17k affairs, is careful and cautious when it comes to Alec like he’s his first ever relationship. They are a very romantic, I’m-your-home kind of couple. They are sexual, but it doesn’t define their relationship, well of course not in the show at least.

Because of this, I think I am not officially interested to read “The Bane Chronicles” which is a book about Magnus. I found a book of this at the book fair yesterday, but I really just cannot with the tacky book cover. It matters a lot to me.

Season 3 of Shadow Hunters come out on March. Should I finally watch it? *shrug* dunno~ I’ll probably stick with condensed stories about Magnus and Alec only at YT. Hihi~

Day 048 – 2018.17.02

I’m not sure if it’s a boon or a bane that a big book sale coincides with my book-reading phase because it only means more books, but more expenses as well.

Money aint so easy these days, and probably for the next several months (hopefully not the entire year), so buying books had become a very big luxury. If only my Kindle would stop playing with my heart and just go back to pleasing me as it did before, I would go back to double-thinking my actions before I grab a book to the cashier.

But after “We Are the Ants”, I think I’ve fully readjusted myself to reading paperbacks.

With 60-80% off of books, people flooded the World Trade Center in Pasay like they would a grocery store on a payday. The usual 350-500php worth of paper backs are only 190 php. Even the expensive hardbounds are only around 230php!

Of course, even though it’s a big treat, I had to be mindful of my expenses, so I kept my budget to a thousand pesos or just a bit over that.

In the end, I bought my two nephews their activity books (it will be a belated and advanced gifts from Tita-Ninang), two novels I haven’t spotted in the bookstore (even from the huge one of Fullybooked BGC), and a reference book of psychology I’ve been puppy-eying to be magically mine since the moment I laid eyes on it. The last book is still the most expensive I’ve bought of the bunch, but fuck, it’s more than half of it’s regular price so did I have to think twice? Hell no!

To be honest, the crowd was triggering the hermit in me, so I cut my hunt short, and not only because my wallet was flashing red flags at me. But if given more budget and probably a friend who will give me a free ride, I’d love to go back and probably snag a few more titles.

Ugh, this hobby is so expensive!